Travels with Kev: 2020 Travel Plans

by Kev
Amtrak observation car

Travels with Kev: 2020 Travel Plans

I am working on my travel plans for 2020, and I am keeping my options somewhat open and fluid.

So far this year, I took two round trips from Sturtevant WI to Omaha, Nebraska.  The first trip was to take my mom out to Paula’s and solo home. The second time was solo out and brought both of my folks back. I like helping my parents, but as a solo traveler, it is refreshing to get back to my roots and travel alone.

Now it’s time for a complete solo trip! I am taking Amtrak back to visit my sister in Nebraska, and Paula, Mackenzie, and I will find a few fun activities, and probably go to the zoo.

I love traveling seeing Abby and Mackenzie, oh yeah, and my sister and her husband, and I am sure there will be more trips to visit them.

Abby and Mack

My two nieces, the furry one is Abby and Mackenzie on the right.

Besides Omaha, I am looking at a few solo trips and a long journey with each of my parents. I have articles coming up about each of their adventures. One is on how to get to Disney World via Amtrak.

2020 Travel Plans: Solo trips

I am planning a few solo trips, and I am excited. One adventure is visiting Sean and David in Philidelphia, PA. I met these guys back in 2014 when I had my first Amtrak Roomette aboard the Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited we meet each other in the dining car.

I hope to include a visit to the former Wanamaker Store, now a Macy’s store, to see the Wanamaker Organ again, for I cannot get enough of this organ. Just in case you didn’t know, besides Travels with Kev, I am an organist, so I love these big beasts. This trip could also include a train trip to the Graden State to the Atlantic City Convention Center Organ. A side note, these two organs are the largest in the world and are a short train trip apart.

There is a chance that I am going to Florida twice this year, once with my mom and my sister’s family and possibly another to visit a friend, but nothing on the books yet, (clears throat) Ben!

A recent trip idea came up, the Twin Cities. This adventure will be something new for me because I am looking at taking  Greyhound. An organist friend of mine lives up there, and I am looking forward to seeing him and that area. This adventure probably will include a short train to Milwaukee from Sturtevant, because of cheaper parking.

2020 Travel Plans: My Folks

Mom and dad on Amtrak

My mom and dad riding Amtrak’s coach class aboard the California Zephyr

I am proud of my parents because they followed my lessons and are about to travel without me on Amtrak. Wow, how they have grown as travelers! My dad took his first solo Amtrak trip in February, and in April, they are taking their first trip to Omaha, NE, without me. On the one hand, I am proud of them, but on the other hand, I like traveling and being the support traveler, so I’ll miss going along.

Each of my folks is getting a trip with me this year. Initially, only my dad was going on a big trip with me, but my mom needed a support traveler this year. It will be fun to spend time with them as they each get to see something they want, my dad Texas and my mom Disney World.

2020 August Travel Plans: A Journey With My Dad

There is an article coming up very soon about this trip! This adventure will be a long trip, mostly spent on the train five trains, with three layover cities. With this adventure, I am returning to New Orleans, LA, and California (LA area). This trip will allow my dad to see the majority of the view of Texas that Amtrak has to offer, although we are missing Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer.

I think he will enjoy a trip like this better than a big party because he tends not to like people fussing over him. Well, we did have a small party for him while we were in Nebraska over Christmas. My sister’s family, plus her mother-in-law and her sister and my mom and I celebrated at a pizza buffet that he likes. He planned on retiring at the end of 2019, but due to a mixup, he ended up retiring at the end of January 2020.

November: Family travel

Disney World

Disney Castle from “Main Street USA”

A few weeks ago, while visiting my sister’s, I found out that my mom, sister, brother in law, and Mackenzie are going to Disney World, and I need to help mom out there. My mom talked about flying, but this might not be the best option for her since she is a nervous traveler, to begin with, and a fear of flying added to that may not be the best formula for a successful trip. So Paula and the gang are flying to  Florida from Omaha.

My dad will stay with Abby at Paula’s house. Amtrak can get us all where we need to go. On a Sunday, we will all take the Hiawatha to Chicago. At 2:00 pm dad will leave on the California Zephyr, and at 6:40, mom and I go on the Capitol Limited. My dad arrives that day and has a whole day with my sister before she flies to Florida.

Mom and I arrive in Kississemme, FL, on Tuesday afternoon, with a short layover in DC on Monday. Paula and gang fly in on Tuesday to join us; they are flying out of Omaha. The day we arrive, we have nothing planned except to relax and hang around the resort.

Going Home

Dad and Mack

Grandpa and Mackenzie

Coming home, Paula and the gang will fly back. I hope that we take a different route home, via New York City instead of DC.  Going to NY, we would have a 4-hour layover instead of an 8-hour layover in DC. The other advantage is a later arrival into Chicago. Now for some, that might not sound like an advantage, but it is for us. My dad is taking the train from Omaha, and we are planning on meeting in Chicago.

It will take about two days to get back to Chicago, and Paula will be home on Sunday. My dad will then leave on Monday, giving Paula over a day to relax before she takes our dad to the train station. Also, grandpa will more time to spend with Mackenzie.

My dad didn’t want to go to Disney World, so his birthday present this year is being left alone. He says he is looking forward to that time with Abby.

Getting caught up

In case you missed it, here is an article that goes over my 2019 travels and a little insight into my family. The other new story is about Amtrak Superliner Roomettes. I also started a section on Amtrak news, if people like it, I will keep it up. The plan for the article is to be a monthly digest of what is going on with Amtrak.

There are several articles there were recently updated, including my articles on, Amtrak’s traditional dining, flex dining, and cafe cars, the menus where updated. A few others had grammar and what not fixed.

Getting started with Amtrak and keeping up with Kev

If you are looking at taking your own Amtrak adventure, check out my Riding Amtrak page. This page is a growing section of information based my 100k plus miles of traveling on Amtrak and research I did to fill in the gaps. If you would like to join the email list or follow me on social media, click here and reach out.

Safe Travels all!


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