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Confidence Booster

As I travel, I occasionally lack the confidence needed to be comfortable and bold on my trips. I found that I can have a confidence booster with music when I am running low.

When traveling with other people, the question comes up, how do I know where to go? Often, I have no clue, but I don’t tell them that.

Being observant and having experience helps, but usually, I am humming a song to myself to push me through those situations.

That song is one of my power songs.

If you show confidence and determination, you can get through crowds faster and easier. Walk with intentions and act like you know what you are doing, and people will get out of your way most of the time.

How this post came to be

A walk spurred this post I took this week from the Belmont L Station (in Chicago) to my barbershop. After I left the station, I hit shuffle on the travel playlist on my phone.

I should back up; the day before, I added music to my phone that I found on an old memory card. The card was from a phone I last used in 2010, the memories came back with the photos I had, and I was grateful for the music I forgot I found.

As I was walking, one of my old “power” songs came on. I noticed that my head went up, my steps were faster, and I walked with pride and determination. My best friend and I played the same song before we went to the clubs back in the day.

We all have a power song in our life, find yours and use it for good.

If you do not have your power song on your phone, you really should! I found that having the right music can prepare you for many events in your life that are freaking you out.

How to use your power song

For first-time travelers, this can be a helpful tip, play your song on the way to the airport or train station. Use your power song to get your game face on and prepare yourself for what comes next.

Then you can get through security with confidence and get to your gate without a doubt. No one will judge you if you need to use repeat.

I have an upcoming post about the importance of a travel soundtrack. Music helps me out a lot; I use music to push myself if I am nervous or have doubts.

Additionally, a speech, poem, prayer, podcast, intention, or anything else along those lines can substitute for a song if that works better for you.  You could use both! Music works best for me.

Find your song and gain the courage to keep traveling. Use your music to walk through the crowds to find the bar, I mean the waiting area. Your travel adventure starts with you; make the most of what it has to offer. Use music to gain confidence when you don’t think you can do it.

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Safe Travels


P.s. Yes, I do get my haircut in Chicago. Greg does a great job on short hairstyles, and it’s a fun day trip. Oh yeah, you might laugh, but this is the power song that I used on Tuesday. Just remember, my best friend and I are both organists.


Kev has traveled over 125,000 miles on over 660 trains all around the United States aboard Amtrak. When he is not on the move, Kev enjoys making music as an organist.