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July 2018 Update

A quick update! As you may remember, my last trip was to South Carolina with my mother, where I left her at my sister’s. That was the plan (I didn’t just dump her off on my sister). My mother wanted to spend time (June to September) with my sister in my last post, expecting her first child.

The Announcement

On July 22, 2018, my sister delivered a new traveler, my new niece, Mackenzie! Abby the Newfie

Abby checking out Mackenzie

now has a human sister and someone to watch over, and she is doing a great job watching over her.

Abby sleeps by the baby at night and looks in on her during the day.

She and the baby get along well, but when Mackenzie cries, Abby does not appreciate it. I cannot blame her for that. When she does, Abby looks at the humans with a look as to say, fix it; I think it’s broken.

Congratulations to my sister, brother-in-law, and Abby on their first child. Outside of adjusting to ever-changing schedules, all are healthy and at home. I am excited about the new addition to our family, though I am not as enthusiastic as Grandma is, I am sure.

My next trip

Grandma and baby

The next trip is in September, and I am taking my father to South Carolina to see his first grandchild. We are traveling by train and an Amtrak Connecting bus.

He and I will stay for about a week and take the train back together.

Grandma is coming home, and we think there could be some grandma-granddaughter separation anxiety on Grandma’s end.

I can’t wait until Mackenzie is old enough for her first train trip.

Maybe someday she and I can ride the train together to visit her grandparents like her grandparents ride the train to see her.

Safe Travels!



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