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by Kev
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Several years ago, in the ’00s, when I first heard about podcasts, I didn’t “get them,” and I never thought the platform would amount to much. In those days, you had to download a new podcast, you needed to hook your iPod up to your computer every time you wanted the latest ones, and that seemed to be too much work to me (besides the point I did not have an iPod). Remember, this was just as “smartphones” were coming out and not yet the norm. Technology has improved, and several iPhones later, podcasts have influenced my life in many ways; one major influence was developing this website plus the help of some great people!

These days podcasts are a part of my daily routine, often on my daily walk or as I mow or shovel. As you have gathered from the title, this article covers my favorite podcast. If you don’t know what a podcast is or how to listen to them, check out this site by the Podcast Host; they cover the basics with more detail than I can or want to get into this article.

Why I Listen To Podcasts?

  • Every day, people like you and me create podcasts, and they are coving topics that other media do not cover.
  • Podcasts come in a wide variety of topics, from inspirational and educational to entertainment and more.
  • They come in a flexible format available on mobile devices and computers, and many are downloadable for when cell service or WIFI is not available.
Before heading out, grab your phone and headphones to listen to your favorite podcasts.

A Little About Content Creators

2020 has been an interesting year for all of us; we all can agree on that (I think). I wanted to add a few new podcasts to the list, but sadly they seemed to fizzle this year. I hope these creators can reboot and come back to podcasting because they showed great promise. One of those is the Sweaty Traveler.

I do not think content consumers realize how much time, self-doubt, work, and money go into providing you with free content. With that said, I give anyone who starts a blog or podcast a lot of credit, even if they don’t last long. A few blogs started when I started Travels with Kev, and sadly they are not around.

I know that we search the internet for information; the last thing we want to see an ad, and when I put ads on this site, I didn’t do it to be greedy. Content creaters had our way, including myself, wouldn’t have ads on our sites because they can take away from the beauty of our hard work. Often, and in my case, the money we receive from ads if you are lucky covers cost and and expenses and maybe covers paying myself for my time and effort.

Be kind to the content creators you turn to for information, we are working hard, and we want to grow along with you. Content creators and consumers are both needed to help and support each other. Using affiliate links and clicking a relevant ad (when appropriate) can help your favorite content creator more than you can believe.

My Favorite Podcast of 2021

There are a few podcasts that stuck with me this year. These podcasts that either added something to my life made me think and could help or inspire you. These podcasts are not really in any particular order.

A Feel Good Story

I’ll start with one is from Beyond Bourbon Street, a podcast on New Orleans. I remember listing to this podcast while mowing the lawn, and if I remember right, I ran out of grass to cut before this one was over. This podcast was about a former NFL player who struggled with homelessness and addictions until a photojournalist helped him. If you need a feel-good story to give you hope in people, this is a great story. I am not a football fan, and you do not have to love New Orleans as much as I do to get a lot out of this podcast.

Dealing with what holds you back

The next podcast that made me think comes from Zero to Travel. I remember listing to this podcast as I drove through the western side of Iowa and into eastern Nebraska. Jason’s guest was Kathleen Sinclair discussing how to exploring our limiting beliefs and finding our purpose in life.

Today we have Kathleen Sinclair, who earned her master’s degree at 60-years-old, joined the Peace Corps at 63, and is now traveling the US in her trailer, living the road life. Kathleen and I are getting into deep conversations with this episode and talking about the universal themes that permeate throughout time and are ageless, how to conquer limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck, and finding your purpose in life regardless of age.

From Zero to Travels podcast description

Be you!

The last one is more of a business/entrepreneur podcast by Kim Doyal. On this podcast, she and her guest bring up the point that you can do more if you are yourself. She said, “It costs you to not be who you are.” You have to decide what price you’re willing to pay… and let it be the price you pay to go for what you WANT.

You do not have to be an entrepreneur to get something from this podcast. This podcast will help if you are thinking about your dreams right now or changes, you may get something out of this, either motivation, a pivot point, or validation.

Travel Podcasts

Stock photo listening with headphones
Listen to podcasts on either your mobile devices or on your computer.

Extra Pack of Peanuts – Weekly

Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPOP) is the first travel podcast I subscribed to, and I still listen. Travis and his wife Heather are world travelers sharing their experiences with other travelers. EPOP includes overseas and domestic travel plus information on traveling with children. The show seems to be in transition, and I am interested to see where it is headed.

Zero to Travel – Weekly

Jason of Zero to Travel continues to inspire me; I enjoy his positive attitude on life plus his travel knowledge. He hosts a variety of guests who share their stories and understand all things travel plus solo shows. Travis does not travel as much as when I started to listen to him, but his podcasts still cover current issues and stories about travel.

He and Travis (from above) often appear on each other programs, plus they host a community and podcast together; more on that later (Location Indie).

Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase – Monthly

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase is less of a “how-to” and more of a travel entertainment show. This show covers travel through a flight attendant’s eyes and her travel companion, Herman, a plastic turtle with suction cup feet.

These podcasts give me a good laugh, and I enjoy the travel stories and tips that Betty shares. My favorite part is when she shares stories of how people behave when they travel and what goes on behind our flights’ scenes. Bettye also shares stories from other flight crew members share their funny stories. If you fly regularly, you will appreciate this show. Occasionally the podcast has Sky does have adult situations and language at times.

TravelCommons – Monthly

Travel Commons, hosted by Mark Peacock, a (mostly business) traveler based out of Chicago, IL, offers fun travel stories with practical tips for business and casual travelers. I appreciate his light-hearted yet practical stores and advice. Mark also enjoys a craft brew and shares that enthusiasm. Travels with Kev is mentioned a few times on the show! Thanks, Mark, for the shout-out.

Beyond Bourbon Street – biweekly.

Mark of Beyond Bourbon Street shares his love of his hometown, New Orleans, LA. After listening to Mark’s podcast, you’ll want to return to New Orleans or visit the Cresent city for your first time. Mark produces solo shows and invites various guests to share their New Orleans (and beyond) experiences and knowledge.

Beyond Bourbon Street covers insider views of New Orleans, everyday life, festivals, museums, history, snowballs, food, and even what it takes to moving there, plus more.


Drink & Learn – Sporadic

Drink & Learn, hosted by Elizabeth, a drink historian, and Abigal, a bartender extraordinary, share their knowledge of all things drinking.

If you enjoy mixed drinks, hard liquors, and history, this podcast is for you.

If you find yourself in New Orleans, you are in for a treat with a Drink & Learn host drinking tour! Think about it; you can learn about drinks, sample them sometimes at the bar they started, and learn the history of Cresent City

Organ Music – Varied

In case you didn’t know, I am a church organist, but I like the classical and lighter sides of the organ world. Below are a few organ podcasts I enjoy either around the house or when I am out and about. Each show brings something different to the table. Each show features historic performances, often history of the organs or organist, plus various organs from 100-year-old pipe organs to modern digitals and Hammonds too!

Theatre/Cinema Organs

Steve Ashly produces Hot Pipes, offering a few shows in varying lengths, depending on how much time you have.

The Organist Encores is a UK-based show and featuring theater (cinema) organs and organists from around the globe. A fun way to add something different to your life.

Classical Organ

Diane Bish has been inspiring as an organist for decades; she shares her gift of music on The Joy of Music Podcast.

Stories And Exploration

Podcast Playlist – Weekly

This show, produced by the CBC, will help you discover new podcasts from all over. Each show features podcasts meeting the theme of the day for each show. If you are new to podcasts, this show could be a great one to discover shows.

This American Life (And Related) – Weekly

This American Life podcast is the same show as heard on many public radio stations.

Host Ira Glass is a fantastic storyteller and journalist all in one, that brings stories to life. The stories This American Life covers the everyday life of ordinary people that have done interesting things. Sometimes these stories include local politics plus stories with more of a global reach. There is a little something for everyone. The people that bring you This American Life also produce Serial and S-Town.

S-town is a single-season show based on Brian Reed’s interaction with John B. McLemore, plus his friend and family. The show has mature language and situations. For those who like unsolved cases, you’ll love, Serial. There are a few seasons, each with a different problem.

The Moth – couple times a week

The Mouth podcast consists of stories told by amateur storytellers sharing their experiences on the given topic. All the offerings in a show share a common theme.  This show is also on many public radio stations.

Ted (Variety of shows and schedules)

Ted stands for Technology Entertainment, and Desing and the show contain many talks of everyday people doing extraordinary things. There is a topic for everyone to explore in these podcasts.

Need To Sleep?

Sleep with me

Sleep with Me helps you relax and fall asleep.

Scooter tells wondering stories with speech varied patterns, including studdering, that helps to shut your brain off. Each story wanders in a way that makes your mind find it difficult to follow, allowing you to relax. This podcast helps to shut down my ADD brain many nights. This podcast may sound odd, but it works for me; it may take you a few tries before it works for you.


The Brendon Show – Weekly

The Brendon Show, hosted by Brendon Burchard, encourages high-performance habits within your reach. He helps people to realize what we are capable of achieving.

A podcast can motivate, educate, or entertain you on the go.

Kev’s Favorite Entrepreneur Podcasts

Fizzle – Weekly

The Fizzle Show helps entrepreneurs not only get started but keep going in their journey, so they do not fizzle out.

This show accompanies the Fizzle online community that I am involved with; if you are interested in joining me, check them out here. The online community includes courses and group coaching.

Pat Flynn – Weekly

Pat has several podcasts to help you with your business and motivate you. He is the founder of Smart Passive Income, and to add to those teaching, he hosts two podcasts.

Ask Pat 2.0, where he offers coaching calls to his listeners in various businesses and stages in those businesses. The other podcast is The Smart Passive Income Podcast, where Pat and his guests share their thoughts of running a successful online business.


I hope you enjoyed discovering my favorite podcasts; this is a handful of the ones I listen to and feel free to ask about others. I like to keep my podcast library fluid with new ones and let go of the ones I outgrew.

Like I said in the begging when I first heard of podcast eons ago, I thought they were, well, dumb, and I didn’t get it, but I have changed my mind. A week doesn’t go by without listening to several shows a week.

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Safe Travels!

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