Kev’s Favorite Podcasts

by Kev
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Kev’s Favorite Podcasts

 You might think to yourself, hey, I thought this was a travel blog and not a site about what podcasts are on Kev’s phone. Well, podcasts have been an essential part of my travel life, and in a small way, encouraged me to start this site (along with friends). Part of my job as a blogger is to teach, and that includes sharing resources. Enjoy Kev’s favorite podcast!

If you are curious about what a podcast is or how to listen to them, check out this website by the Podcast Host.

What do I like about podcasts?

  • It’s a flexible format
    • Available on mobile devices
    • Works great for travel
    • Not tied to a screen like Youtube
    • You can listen to them when they are convenient for you
  • Podcasts have a wide variety of topics such as inspirational, educational, or for downright fun
  • Many podcasts are downloadable to your device, so they are available even when cell or WIFI is not available

Phone, headphones, and your favorite podcasts

Travel podcasts

Extra Pack of Peanuts – Weekly

Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPOP) is the first travel podcast I listened to, and still listen to the show.  Travis and his wife Heather, are world travelers, but EPOP includes domestic travel and now includes traveling with a child. EPOP focuses on budget travel, offering suggestions of where to spend your travel dollars and where you could cut back.

Zero to Travel -Weekly

Jason on the Zero to Travel continues to be an inspiration for me with his positive attitude on life, and his show encourages me when I an down. He and Travis of EPOP often are on each other programs and together host a community together, more on that later.

Outside of travel, he and I share a love of coffee, and we both use an Aeropress to make coffee in the morning. A quick plug for the Aeropress, it’s a handy device for making a great cup of coffee as you travel. Check it out; it is an excellent coffee make when you are on the go. 

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase – Monthly

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase is less of “how-to” show but more of the other side of travel, travel through the eyes of a flight attendant and her travel companion, Herman, a stuffed turtle with suction cup feet.

Some of her stories do include travel tips, but often they are humorous stories about how people behave as they travel. If you fly regularly, you would probably appreciate this show. Occasionally Betty in the SKy does have adult situations and language.

Travel Commons – Monthly

Travel Commons, hosted by Mark Peacock, a traveler out of Chicago, offers fun travel stories and practical tips for both business and casual travel. I appreciate his light-hearted yet practical stores and advice.

Travelogue – Archived

December 2018 was, unfortunately, the last time they released a new show, and I hope they bring it back. The archives for this show has timeless content, such as traveling with family and groups, and what to do when everything goes wrong, Many of their location suggestions are still current. If you have the time, it is worth checking the archives of this show. The show is a round table type discussion and does contain adult language.

Beyond Bourbon Street – biweekly

Mark on Beyond Bourbon Street shares his love of his hometown, New Orleans. After listening to Mark’s podcast, you’ll want to return to New Orleans or visit the Cresent city for the first time.

Mark’s podcast offers an insider’s view of New Orleans, including everyday life, festivals, museums, history, snowballs, food, and a plethora of more, including suggestions for your visit. Often he gives other locals a chance to share their expertise.

You can listen to podcasts on both mobile devices as well on your computer

Fun and inspirational podcast

Drink & Learn – Sporadic

Drink & Learn hosted by Elizabeth, a drink historian, and Abigal, a bartender, both are based out of New Orleans and share their knowledge of all things drinking.

The ladies cover the history of drinks, how the drinks evolved, to how to make one yourself. If you enjoy mixed drinks and hard liquors, this podcast is for you.

If you find yourself in New Orleans, Drink & Learn host drinking tours where you can drink and learn about the drinks, and the history of the Cresent City

This American Life – Weekly

This American Life, actually a public radio show, hosted by Ira Glass, that shows journalism in story form. Topics range from politics to just everyday life.

Other shows from This America Life

I also enjoy Serial and S-Town, S-town, aka Shit Town, was a single-season show based on John’s life in a small town in Alabama, and also the going on’s in that town. S-Town has mature language and situations.

The Moth – couple times a week

The Mouth podcast is a collection of stories told by amateur storytellers sharing their life with us; every show has a theme. This show is also on many public radio stations.

To help me sleep

Sleep with me

Sleep with Me is not a “naughty” podcast but a podcast to help you relax. Scooter helps you sleep by telling wondering stories with speech patterns, including studdering that helps to shut your brain off. I use this podcast often, especially if my mind is going a mile a minute. This podcast may sound odd, but it works well for me; it may take a few tries before it starts to work for you.


The Brendon Show – Weekly

The Brendon Show, hosted by Brendon Burchard, encourages high-performance habits that are within your reach. Often we do not realize what we are capable of achieving.

Ted (Variety of shows and schedules)

Ted stands for Technology Entertainment, and Desing and the show contains a series of talks of everyday people doing extraordinary things.


An excellent podcast can motivate you to get going.

Kev’s favorite entrepreneurship podcast

Fizzle – Weekly

The Fizzle show helps entrepreneurs get started and keep going, so they do not fizzle out. I am also part of their online community; if you are interested in joining me, check them out here. The online community includes courses and group coaching.

Courage and Clarity – Weekly

Steph started Courage and Clarity is for the ladies, but several of us guys follow as well. Steph is also part of the Fizzle team, and she has solo shows but often has a guest, people who are living the life of an entrepreneur.

Location Indie – Weekly

I mentioned this podcast above, but Travis from EPOP and Jason from Zero to Travel team up together and host this show helping and encouraging people to live the location independent lifestyle.

I hope that you enjoyed finding out Kev’s favorite podcast and maybe found a new podcast to enjoy!

Safe Travels!


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