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Kev’s Favorite Podcasts for 2021

I had mixed reactions when someone told me about podcasts in the early 2000s. I thought the idea was neat, but I did not have a device supporting them, so I had no connection with the platform. At that time, I thought they were cumbersome and impractical. Back then, podcasts were only available on iPods, and to get the latest episodes, you had to hook your iPod to a computer to download them.

Kev and headphones
Podcasts are great to listen to on the go or at home

Thankfully, technology has progressed since the early days, and today podcasts are convenient and available on all smart devices or websites; plus, they are now streamable over cell and wifi.

Podcasts are still a source of education, entertainment, meditation, and more. And while everyday people still make podcasts, you can also find corporate ones.

I am an avid podcast listener, and I enjoy listening to them when I walk, mow, shovel (depending on the season), or drive.

Read on for my favorite podcast if you are new to podcasts or looking for new ones to add to your collections.

If you don’t know what a podcast is or how to listen to them, check out this site by the Podcast Host; that page covers the basics in more detail than I can or wants to get into this article.

Why do I Listen To Podcasts?

  • I love that people like you and me can create a podcast covering almost any topic.
  • They allow an entrepreneur or people who have a topic they are passionate about to get their message out.
  • Podcasts include various topics, such as inspirational, educational, entertainment, and more. I can always find something to fit my mood.
  • Today, podcasts come in flexible formats available on mobile devices and computers. Plus, now they are downloadable with cell service or WIFI, making them available on the go.
Before heading out, grab your phone and headphones to listen to your favorite podcasts.

It Takes A Lot Of Work To Make Content

I want to take a quick sidestep to talk about content creators, you know, those who make podcasts, blogs, videos, and other content you consume.

Most content consumers do not realize how much time, self-doubt, work, and money content creators put into creating cost-free content. Anyone who starts a blog or podcast deserves as much credit as possible, even if unsuccessful attempts. Creating something new for the public is hard work.

When we search for information, I know the last thing we want to see is an ad or hear a sponsorship pitch. It was a hard decision to put ads on this site. I didn’t add them to be greedy or to annoy you. After all, ads take away from the beauty of our hard work. The money I received from ads barely covered my costs, let alone paying for my time and effort. And this is true for others as well.

Be kind to the content creators you turn to for information; we work hard and want to grow with you. Independent content creators and content consumers need each other for help and support. Affiliate and sponsor links can help your favorite content creator achieve more than you believe. We appreciate it!

My favorite podcast from the past year, 2021

There are a few podcasts that stuck with me this past year. These podcasts either added something to my life or made me think; they could help or inspire you. These podcasts are not in any particular order.

You Out To Do A Story About Me: A Feel Good Story

I’ll start with Beyond Bourbon Street, a podcast on New Orleans. I remember listening to this podcast while mowing the lawn; if I remember right, the yard ran out before this podcast. Mark’s podcast was about a former NFL player, Jackie Wallace, who struggled with homelessness and addictions until a photojournalist helped him. This story is great if you need a feel-good story to restore your hope in humanity.

Exploring your limiting beliefs & finding your purpose with Kathleen Sinclair: Dealing with what holds you back.

This year, the podcast that made me “think” comes from Zero to Travel. I remember listing to this podcast while driving through the western side of Iowa and into eastern Nebraska. Jason’s guest was Kathleen Sinclair, who discussed exploring our limiting beliefs and finding our purpose in life.

Today we have Kathleen Sinclair, who earned her master’s degree at 60-years-old, joined the Peace Corps at 63, and is now traveling the US in her trailer, living the road life. Kathleen and I are getting into deep conversations with this episode and talking about the universal themes that permeate throughout time and are ageless, how to conquer limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck, and finding your purpose in life regardless of age.

From Zero to Travels podcast description

It Takes Courage to Be Who You Really Are: Be You!

The last one is a business/entrepreneur podcast by Kim Doyal. She and her guest agree you can do more on this podcast. She said, “It costs you not to be who you are.” You have to decide what price you’re willing to pay and let it be the price you pay to go for what you WANT.

You do not have to be an entrepreneur to get something from this podcast. This podcast will help you think about your dreams or make changes in your life with motivation, pivot points, or validation.

Travel Podcasts

Zero to Travel – Weekly

Jason of Zero to Travel inspires me. I listen to his shows even if the topic is not on my interest list. Jason’s positive attitude on life, travel knowledge, and exciting guest pull me into his podcast.

Stock photo listening with headphones
Listen to podcasts on either your mobile devices or on your computer.

He hosts guests who share their stories and understand travel, plus his solo shows. Travis does not travel as much as when I started to listen to him, but his podcasts still cover current issues and stories about travel.

He and Travis (from above) often appear on each other programs, plus they host a community and podcast together, Location Indie.

Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase – Monthly

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase is less of a “how-to” and more of a travel entertainment show. This show covers travel through a flight attendant’s eyes and her travel companion, Herman, a plastic turtle with suction cup feet.

Betty’s podcasts of stories and tips provide me with hard laughs and entertainment. It is fun to hear the stories of flight crew life, how travelers behave when they fly, and what goes on behind the scenes. If you fly regularly, you will appreciate this show. Occasionally the podcast does have adult situations and language at times.

TravelCommons – Monthly

Travel Commons, hosted by Mark Peacock, a (mostly business) traveler based out of Chicago, IL, offers fun travel stories with practical tips for business and casual travelers. I appreciate his light-hearted yet practical stories and advice. Mark also enjoys a craft brew and shares that enthusiasm. Travels with Kev is mentioned a few times on the show! Thanks, Mark, for the shout-out.

Beyond Bourbon Street – bi-weekly.

Mark of Beyond Bourbon Street shares his love of his hometown, New Orleans, LA. After listening to Mark’s podcast, you’ll want to return to New Orleans or visit the Cresent City for the first time. Mark produces solo shows and invites various guests to share their New Orleans (and beyond) experiences and knowledge.

Beyond Bourbon Street covers New Orleans’ insider views, topics of everyday life, festivals, museums, history, snowballs, food, and even what it takes to move there, plus more.

Drinking & Cocktails

Drink & Learn – Sporadic

Drink & Learn, hosted by Elizabeth, a drink historian, and Abigal, an extraordinary bartender, share their knowledge of drinking and crafting cocktails.

This podcast is for you if you are the type who enjoys mixed drinks, hard liquors, and history. One of my favorite podcasts was about my favorite cocktail, a Wisconsin Style Brandy Old Fashion. If you want advice on making cocktails at home, such as what spirits to stock and the barware you will need, give them a listen.

If you love cocktails in New Orleans, treat yourself to a Drink & Learn host drinking tour! Think about it; you can learn about the city of New Orleans, the origins of drinks, and sample as you go. Sometimes you can go to the bar where drinks originated and sample where it all started!

Stories And Exploration

Podcast Playlist – Weekly

Podcast Playlist, produced by the CBC, helps you discover new podcasts from all over the world. Each show features podcasts based on the theme of the day. This show is great if you are new to podcast listening.

This American Life podcast is the same show you can hear weekly on many public radio stations, but sometimes without the bleeps if someone uses a word unsuitable for on-air broadcasting.

The host, Ira Glass, has a way of bringing the story of everyday people to life. The stories This American Like tells cover many topics, including community politics, stories with a global reach, and refreshing, heartwarming stories. This American Life has a little something for everyone, and they also produce the shows Serial and S-Town.

S-town, a single-season show, is based on Brian Reed’s interaction with John B. McLemore and John’s relationship with others and his community. The show does include mature language and situations.

If you like unsolved cases, you’ll love, Serial. There are a few seasons, each with a different problem.

The Moth – a couple of times a week

The Mouth podcast comprises amateur storytellers sharing their experiences on the day’s topic. This show is also on many public radio stations. The Moth gathers these stores from story slams they host around the country. If you love stories about everyday people, give this podcast a try.

Ted (Variety of shows and schedules)

Ted stands for Technology Entertainment and Desing, and the show contains everyday people doing extraordinary things. These podcasts are great for discovery and inspiration. There is a topic for everyone to explore in these podcasts.

Need To Sleep?

Sleep with me

The host, Scooter, tells the listeners of Sleep with Me wandering stories with varied speech patterns to shut your brain off. Scooter tells stories your mind finds difficult to follow, so, in theory, it gives up, allowing you to relax. This podcast may sound odd, and it is, but it works for me. It may take you a few listens before it works for you. I find this podcast helpful to shut down my ADD brain on many nights.


The Brendon Show – Weekly

The Brendon Show, hosted by Brendon Burchard, encourages high-performance habits within your reach. He helps people to realize what they are capable of achieving. Brendon discusses the day’s topic and gives an action plan to help you apply the lessons to your life.

Kev’s Favorite Entrepreneur & Learning Podcasts

Pat Flynn – Weekly

A podcast can motivate, educate, or entertain you on the go.

Pat Flynn is well-known in many entrepreneur circles and has a few podcasts to help you grow a Smart Passive Income. Pat’s podcasts help you create and grow your business and motivate you. Ask Pat 2.0 is a podcast of coaching calls where he coaches his listeners in various business stages for growth and success.

Start With This – Twice a Month.

The Start With This podcast helps writers and creatives with their problems. Check out their podcast about imposter syndrome, creatives, or those in the arts.


I hope you are discovering new podcasts; this list is a handful of those I listen to, and feel free to ask about others. I like to keep my podcast library fluid with new ones and let go of those I outgrew. This list is by no means complete, and the intention is to get you interested in a podcast(s), so you can discover ones that fulfill your needs. Happy hunting!

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Safe Travels!


Kev has been traveling with Amtrak since 2012, celebrating his tenth year this year. Over those years, he has been on over 700 trains covering over 200,000 miles of rail. Kev enjoys helping others achieve their travel dreams by assisting them with support and information. Kev enjoys making music as an organist.

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