I want to thank the following people for being Kev’s supporters!

Thanks for Kev’s Supporters

When people “buy me a coffee,” it is the digital equivalent of buying them a drink or giving them a tip for helping you out. These supporters help me cover the cost of this website and the associated cost and help cover the time and effort I put into this site and other Travel with Kev outreaches.

Kev’s Supporters who bought me a coffee

These supporters “bought me” one or more coffees, and I will recognize them for six months. I love hearing the messages from people that I was able to help them because that was the how point of starting this site, to help and share my experiences.

November 2021

Robin bought me a coffee.

October 2021

Susan bought me a coffee.

Gary S bought a coffee

Rosemarie L. bought three coffees

September 2021

Dr. Jeffrey H bought three coffees.

August 2021

RA bought three coffees.

Gary B bought five coffees.

Mark J bought five coffees.

July 2021

Patricia B bought one coffee.

Kev’s Supporters who are Monthly/Yearly Supporters

Ben Singer

The Paula Reyna-Maynez family

Paul and Robin Monteith

Other Kev’s Supporters who have given in other ways.