Auto Train
The Auto Train transports you and your car (or van, motorcycle, SUV, small boat, jet-ski, or other recreational vehicles) nonstop from the Washington, DC area to sunny Florida, just outside Orlando. The train IS the best way to drive I-95.

Once you book your reservation on Amtrak’s Auto Train, you may want to know where your room is on the train. This article should answer the fundamental questions about your space within the Auto Train.

This article covers rooms in a sleeper car and the layout of Amtrak’s Auto Train, also known as the consist.

This page is a guide, and Amtrak may change things at their discretion. I do not work for Amtrak, so if there are changes, it may take me a little time to keep this page current, but I’ll do my best.

What rooms are available on Amtrak’s Auto Train?

There are four types of rooms on the Auto train. Numbers identify roomettes and the family room. Superliner bedrooms and accessible bedrooms use letters. The train could be set up in either direction, meaning the sleepers or coaches can be upfront, and if that is the case, read the lineup below backward.

What side of the train in my room?

The only information I can not help with is letting you know what side of the train you will be on. Train cars can run in either direction, and you won’t know how until you board the train.

52 is the Southbound train, and 53 is the Northbound

52 Northbound Car NumberCar Type53 Southbound Car Number
XXXXTrans-dorm Car (staff) XXXX
5245Superliner Sleeper5345
5243Superliner Sleeper5343
5241Superliner Delux Sleeper5341
CafeSightseer Lounge/Cafe CarCafe
DiningSuperliner Dining CarDining
5240Delux Sleeper5340
5242Superliner Sleeper5342
5244Superliner Sleeper5344
5210Superliner Coach5310
5211Superliner Coach5311
5212Superliner Coach5312
5213Superliner Coach5313
LoungeCoach Passengers  Sightseer LoungeLounge
CafeCross-country Cafe CarCafe
Auto Racks & Other Seasonal Cars
This chart is a guide, and this information can change at Amtrak’s discretion.

Where are rooms on Amtrak’s Auto Train located within the cars?

Below are Amtrak Sleeper car layouts.

Transdorm Sleeper

Trans Dorm
Transdorm sleepers are just roomettes used by onboard staff.

Regular Sleeper

Superliner Sleeper
The layout of a Superliner Sleeper Car

Deluxe Sleeper

Amtrak deluxe sleeper
Amtrak Deluxe Sleepers.

Be aware that the schedule for the Auto Train changes on May 2, 2022; for more info, go to my page on Amtrak’s Auto Train Schedule.

Safe Travels!