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South Shore Line

Travels with Kev’s Travel Log

For fun, I decided to share my travel log with you. More information about my travels, scroll to the bottom of the page.

My Amtrak miles from 2012 to today

Amtrak Travel

  • Miles: 115,712
  • Trains: 669
  • Average miles per trip: 173.0

Travel mileage breakdown per year


Total Train Miles

Amtrak's City of New Orleans

Amtrak’s City of New Orleans picking up and dropping off passengers at Jackson, MS.

  • Miles: 3,625.6
  • Trains: 17
  • Average: 213.3  miles per ride


  • Miles: 3,315
  • Trains: 11
  • Average Trip: 301.4 miles per ride

Metra and other trains

  • Miles: 310.6
  • Trains: 6
  • Average trips: 51.8 miles per ride


Gayle and I

Gayle and I at Raleigh Union Station

Total Train Miles

  • Miles: 9,735
  • Trains: 64
  • Average trip: 152.1


  • Miles: 8,288
  • Trains: 36
  • Average trip: 230.2


  • Miles: 1,447.2
  • Trains: 28
  • Average miles per trip: 51.7

Omaha Zoo Railroad

  • Miles: 3.6 miles
  • Trains: 2
  • Average miles per trips: 1.8


CUS Enterance

Outside entrance to Chicago Union Station’s Great Hall


  • Miles: 76
  • Trains: 11,439
  • Average miles per trip: 150


  • Miles: 1,829
  • Trains: 43
  • Average miles per trip:



  • Miles: 21,690
  • Trains: 128
  • Average miles per trip: 169


  • Miles: 693
  • Trains: 14
  • Average miles per trip: 49.5


Metra Locomotive

A Metra train is waiting for passengers at Chicago Union Station.


  • Miles: 22,804
  • Trains: 136
  • Average miles per trip: 168


  • Miles: 891
  • Trains: 106
  • Average miles per trip: 49.5



  • Miles: 18,182
  • Trains: 106
  • Average miles per trip:  172



My first meet=up with a Travel with Kev fan, Alex


  • Miles: 15,959
  • Trains: 100
  • Average miles per trip: 160



  • Miles: 13,594
  • Trains: 69
  • Average miles per trip: 197



  • Miles: 504
  • Trains: 8
  • Average miles per trip: 63
Washington (DC) Union Station Great Hall

Washington (DC) Union Station Great Hall

Why The Log

I started keeping a travel log of my Amtrak travel for fun. Later on, I started keeping track of other trains like Metra, too bad I didn’t keep track at the beginning.

Oh yeah, my airline miles didn’t make this list because I forgot. Hey, this is just for fun anyway

The intent of this page is not to brag but as an accountability page; to show I have the miles behind me to give advice. Plus, I love numbers, and it is fun.

The Amtrak Miles And What They Include

My Amtrak milage covers a cross-section of the Amtrak’s system, although many miles on the Amtrak Midwest Corridor. The miles include all but one of Amtrak’s long-distance train, the Auto Train (and that train it is on the bucket list).  Besides the Midwest Corridor and long-distance trains, my miles also include corridor trains in California and the Northeast Corridor. While traveling all those miles, I used most of Amtrak’s accommodations offerings, including coach and business class, roomettes, and bedrooms. Sadly, I have yet to ride Amtrak Acela or the equipment on the Cascades.

South Shore Line

The South Shore Line in Michigan City, IN

The transportation I did not include in the travel log


Like I said before, this log does include my rides on the South Shore Line because I could not find milage. Nor other regions railroads such as SEPTA, or short-run lines such as streetcars or subways.


I did not keep track of my bus trips because, like above, the information is not always accessible. My bus travels include Amtrak Connecting Bus Service plus bus tickets not directly related to Amtrak.

How I keep track

I use an Excell sheet to keep track of all of my miles; it is pretty dorky. By that, I mean it is color-coded. At a glance, I know what trains are regionals, long haul trains, and the Hiawatha. At times it can get complicated, but I love numbers, and I find keeping track of this information fun and a sense of achievement.

If you are interested in joining the fun, check out this page to find out where else you can find me.

Safe Travels!


If you are interested in traveling on Amtrak, check out this page, or if you have questions, please reach out, here is how.

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