What You Can Do When You Can’t Travel

by Kev
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There can be several reasons why we can’t travel right now. A worldwide pandemic, getting started as a traveler, no paid time off, or it’s the wrong season. I mean, who would want to go to Colorado in December? It’s snowing, eek. Oh, wait, you might want to go; I am not a fan of snow! It snows by me, and I don’t ski, so Colorado in winter is the wrong season.

Just because you unable to explore right now doesn’t mean you can’t start your adventure now. This article covers activities to keep you motivated by picking destinations, getting things you need, and saving for free travel. My hope is when the time comes, you will be inspired, tickets in hand, bags packed, and excited for your adventure.

Check Your Papers – Your Travel Papers

Nothing can be more of a damper on a trip than getting stuck at the airport or border because you didn’t have the right paperwork to proceed. The wrong or expired paperwork could mean you get sent home or not traveling that day.

With Amtrak, a regular driver’s license or any of these is all you need (you may need additional proof to validate discounts such as military or Rail Passenger Association).

WI Real ID
An example of Wisconsin’s Real ID (photo courtesy of the WI DOT)

If you plan on flying after October 1, 2021, you will need a Real ID.  Real IDs have a star on them; check with your state’s transportation department to make sure your driver’s license or ID card is the right type.

If you plan on leaving the country, now is the time to look at what you need to get a passport. The process can take a while, so being ready early is essential!

Check with your bank and credit cards for what fees you may amass if you travel overseas. Now is the time to find out if they do charge and switch banks to save money. Find out if you have to report travel to your bank or credit union. Some cards do not suggest you alert them to domestic travel while others do.

Also, check out your cell phone plan to see your options with foreign travel; some are better than others.

Work On Destination Ideas

A simple way to remember those cool destinations and events you hear about is to keep notes of places. The old school pen and paper or a digital method works better than, oh, I’ll remember system, yeah, that doesn’t work well. I forget a lot of cool things.

Palace Market Frenchman
Palace Market Frenchman, New Orleans, LA

When you have free time, brainstorm ideas, and include destinations and experiences you are interested in seeing. Don’t hold back; write down dream trips plus those you could realistically do. Your dream adventures can go on your bucket list to give you something to plan for, save up, and explore later. Here is an interesting article about apps you could use for building your bucket list.

Do Your Research!

After you gather these ideas from your notes and brainstorm, now is the time to research. You might find out that one destination could cost more than you want to spend right now. Or the time you wanted to go is not the best time to see that destination. It is better to be disappointed in the planning stage than after spending money, travel, and now dissatisfied with your choice because you didn’t research.

What to research:

  • What is the weather like when you want to visit?
    • Is there a rainy season? Do you need to worry about hurricanes? ( A few times, I had to deal with storms)
  • When is the tourism season?
    • If you like touristy activities, you will want to go then. If you want fewer crowds or more insider travel, you know when to avoid it.
  • Discover shoulder seasons
    • The shoulder season is the time right before or after the tourism seasons, and for many, the sweet spot.
      • These times are often cheaper and less crowded, but often still offers many fun touristy activities.
YouTube is a good resource for not only entertainment but for learning

Podcasts, youtube channels, and yes, even other blogs are great ways to discover some of this information. Reach out to the person you are following; they may be able to help you.

I have made the mistake of not doing follow up research on destinations or places I wanted to see as I traveled. I found places moved, the site is closed for the day I put on my scheduled visit, or the exhibit I wanted to see was closed for renovations. When you have disappointments like this, you have no blame but yourself.

Get Ready To Travel – Getting What You Need

You can pick out your destination, buy the tickets, but you are still not ready. The gear you have can make or break your trip. Packing too much can lead to travel fatigue, or throwing in the wrong charger cord can ruin your trip.

Basics for traveling include

  • Luggage
    • Either a travel backpack or wheeled
  • Organizational gear
    • Packing cubes or cord caddy
    • Dopp kit or toiletry bag
      • And reusable equipment to use with that
  • Other gear
    • Device chargers
    • Electronics
    • Water Bottle
      • A durable water bottle can save you a lot of money.

I started using somethings I already had, and as I traveled, I updated my gear to match my needs. With travel, expensive does not always mean better but don’t cheap out on essential equipment.

Find out what other people with similar travel styles use as a guide. Take time to research and don’t buy the first things you see.

If You Have Gear, Is It In Good Condition?

Now is a great time to ask yourself these questions.

  • Can I afford to make to upgrade to better gear even if it’s not a need?
  • Does my luggage fit how I want to travel?
  • What is the condition of my gear?
  • Does it have much life left?
  • Does it need to be repaired or replaced?

It is better to shop for new luggage when you have time to find what works best for you instead of going to Target right before your trip and getting what they have left. (I saw this happen several times).

If you love your luggage, now is a great time to do maintenance.

Wipe down your luggage to clean it, and as you do, check its condition. After cleaning and inspecting your bags, open it up, and let it air out; you could even hit it with disinfectant.

With your wheeled bags, check the wheels; do they need a little lube, tightening, or replacement. Now is the time to tighten screws on your luggage so it is ready for your next trip without the handle fall off.

If you have a travel backpack, make sure the straps are secure and have functional integrity.

Creating A Wardrobe Capsule

In case you are not aware of what it is, a wardrobe capsule is a collection of clothes for traveling. Now, this doesn’t mean I use this clothing exclusively for traveling, but they are the clothing I grab when I need to pack.

The key to having a successful capsule is picking clothing that all match. If an article of clothing does not match everything you packed, it doesn’t go. I like quick-drying clothing that I could wash in a sink, and it will be dry overnight.

Work On Earning Free Travel: Points 

Are you getting the most out of your purchases? If you are in the market for a credit card? Now is the time to research to find one that would work well for you. If you often use a carrier, a credit card from them can work to get free travel.

Some carriers such as Amtrak and Southwest offer points for buying your gear on-line. By clicking these sites first, you can earn points for travel. Many other companies may offer this program as well. If you click through the sites and use a points card, you can earn points quickly to buy things you would be buying anyway.

Practice Planning Trips

Now, I love to plan trips I never will take; I do it for fun. I know that sounds weird to some people, but some people collect bird figurines; we all have our thing.

SWA Sunrise
Sunrise from the window of a Southwest 737-700 flying over Iowa

If you never planned a trip, this is a great exercise. Traveler friends can look over your journey and give you hints. A common mistake among first-time travelers includes jam-packing their schedule with few breaks. Another mistake is booking short layovers on your first trip.

Listen to advice, but sift through the information given. Sometimes the helpers are accidentally planning the perfect trip for the other person but not for you.

Wrap up

There are a lot of travel-related activities you can do when you are unable to go somewhere. I love the anticipation of travel almost better than traveling itself. After several adventures, I know what gear works for me and what equipment I long for when I shop.

I hope this article helps to give you hope for travel when, for whatever reason, you are unable to do so.

Safe Travels!


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