Are you interested in supporting Travels with Kev? That’s awesome, and thank you.

There are a few ways you can support me and my efforts; the first thing you can do is send a note saying that I helped you or what tidbit that I shared with you made or trip.

Kev Traveling
Kev on the Hiawatha heading to Chicago and beyond.

Another way is to sign up for my email list and to share my site with others.

The other way is the “PBS” model with one time or memberships to Travels with Kev through the “buy me a coffee” site.

To run a blog like this costs me time and money, close to $50 a month, for hosting and software. Because of these costs, there are ads on this site, and currently, they cover costs with a bit of leftover for something special for me.

How you can support Travels with Kev monetarily

Travels with Kev is now on “Buy me a coffee.” The site is similar to Patreon but a little different and allows you to help Travels with Kev.

When you “buy me coffee,” in reality, I receive money for the site, research, and at times a coffee or beer.

Support Kev with a one time gift

A one-time gift is a great way to say thank you for those times I helped you out. Coffees start at $3, and you can buy as many coffees as you want.


Amtrak Coffee
Coffee tastes better on the rails—coffee from Amtrak’s cafe car.

If you love what I do and want to support Travels with Kev at a deeper level, you will get benefits. These benefits include webinars; at some levels, you can get one-on-one calls with me and more.


No matter how you can help, it is appreciated more than you know. I get excited when I get an email from someone saying thanks and how I added to their trip. If you can do more, that means a lot to me too and helps me out.

Thank you for even being here; I never thought my site would get as much traffic as it does now, and it is due to beautiful people like you.

Safe travels!


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