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Are you interested in traveling on Amtrak? Travels with Kev covers everything from regional routes to the high-speed Acela service and the captivating long-distance journeys. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned traveler, you’ll find valuable insights into Amtrak travel, including detailed information about various room accommodations.

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Eating On Amtrak

One of my favorite things is eating on Amtrak. A walk to the cafe car for a snack or that second cup of coffee is a great way to break up a trip and stretch the ol legs. 

In this section, you will get an overview of food service on the train and specific articles on each service.

Amtrak Accommodations

Learn about the different train accommodations!

Long-distance trains offer coach class and sleeping accommodations, while regional trains offer coach and some offer business classes. Acela offers business and class, and this Acela article covers those accommodations.

Amtrak Schedules & Guides

Find Amtrak schedules or timetables for long-distance and regional trains, including printable PDFs and brief FAQs. The information on these pages is not official but comes from the Amtrak website.

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