Hello All, Welcome To My About Page

Hey, I am Kevin “Kev” Monteith, and I want to get to know you; and this About Kev page will help you get to know about me.

I travel a lot by train, but I also take road trips, buses, and planes. So let’s see if I am the right traveler to help you start your next adventure. Since I introduced myself to you, please feel free to introduce yourself as well. (Contact info)

About Kev: A Quick Travel Bio

Kev Aboard the Hiawatha
Kev riding the mighty Hiawatha to Chicago

I took road trips around the upper Midwest, mostly Wisconsin, but a few outsides of my home state, and a few trips to Canada when I was younger. Does that could make me an international traveler?

I worked full-time back then, but after several years in the printing industry, I was let go and decided to attend college. This move put a hold on my travel for several years outside of a few short trips.

May 25, 2012, marked the start of my new travel adventures traveling by train. On that day, I took my first Amtrak train trip, 63 miles from the Sturtevant Depot to Chicago Union Station aboard the Mighty Hiawatha.  There were a few more trips that year, but the following year it started.

About Kev’s Travel Growth

The following winter, a friend told me about his trip to San Fransico, CA. The conversation piqued my interest not only in San Francisco but traveling again. In February 2013, I booked a trip aboard Amtrak’s California Zephyr.

That first trip went well, and I fell in love with travel all over again. Amtrak became my favorite type of transportation. I racked up 126,000 plus miles by riding more than 660 trains later, and I am still traveling by train (although I do fly from time to time).

I learned a lot about Amtrak, train travel, packing, and life with all those miles behind me. Instead of keeping all of that to myself, I want to share that knowledge with you.

Fun Information About Kev: Musician, Uncle, and more

Besides being a traveler and blogger, my other loves include music and my family.

Besides running Travels With Kev, I am an organist for a small Episcopal Church, now going on 26 plus years. It doesn’t seem that long, but the math doesn’t lie.

One of the most significant life changes was becoming an uncle. My first run was with Abby, the Newfie, whom I talk about on this site, maybe too much, and now Mackenzie, Little Mack.

Abby prepared me for my duties as an uncle for a beautiful little human, Mackenzie, or as she will remind you, Kinzie. Abby is now five, and Mack is two, and they both love it when I visit. Lately, most of my travels take me to see these girls, well, my sister’s family, too, since they come as a packaged deal.

Kev’s Thoughts On Travel

For me traveling is more than the destination, but the journey is important too. I love train travel because transportation is part of my trip. There is something about sitting back and watching the world go by my window that I find enjoyable. I don’t look at train travel as taking away from my travel time but as adding to the experience.

I do fly, and a few times, I flew to take a train trip. My favorite parts of flying are what many people hate, the takeoffs and landings. In fairness, I consider myself an intermodal traveler, and by that, I mean on a trip, I am willing to take trains, planes, busses, boats, or whatever it takes to have a fun adventure.

How Did This Site Start, and how can it help you

I love planning trips and researching destinations. When I started, train travel was new to me. Finding quality information that satisfied my needs was not as easy as I wanted. I found an online forum that was a source of information for traveling on Amtrak.

I like some of the knowledge I got from the forum. Still, I found trolls, people with unrealistic expectations, chronic complainers, or people pining for yesteryear travel dominate the conversations. Whereas they have the right to their opinion, they brought down my excitement and made my research unpleasant. I don’t want that for you.

We Can Do Better!

I wanted to help people reach their goals and grow as travelers, and I don’t want you to deal with what I did if I can avoid it because it is not fun. There is enough negativity in this world; you don’t need it spilling into your next adventure or discouraging you from going.

I intend to keep this site encouraging and as troll-free as possible. Learning to travel can is intimidating enough without all of that noise.

I am looking out the window of an Amtrak Viewiner Roomette.

After traveling over 120,000 miles on the Amtrak and regional railroads rails, I have experienced a few things with thousands of miles by air. Those miles include every Amtrak long-distance train, but for one, The Auto Train. Although not all the routes end to end or all sections, it has been a fun and fantastic journey.

Traveling taught me this lesson: if you look at travel as an adventure and with the attitude “what happens, happens,” you will get more out of your trip and have less stress.

Like life, our journies do not necessarily have the results we expect, but our attitudes will determine the outcome. Besides, the best stories come from when things go wrong.

Some people put unrealistic expectations on themselves and their travels and end up disappointed. I don’t want that to happen to you if we can avoid it!

Let’s get to know each other!

If you are interested, here are the ways to get ahold of me. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

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Safe Travels!


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