Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule
Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule

2023 Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule/Timetable & More

Below is the Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule or timetable. The Hiawatha travels between Milwaukee and Chicago with three intermediate stops. In addition to the train, Amtrak has a connecting bus service for communities between Milwaukee and Green Bay, WI. There are talks of this bus line eventually becoming a train route.

Amtrak Hiawatha Basics

Amfleet Coach
Amfleet Coach

The Hiawatha has fourteen trains running between Milwaukee and Chicago. The average trip from start to finish is an hour and a half. The three interstate stops for the route include Milwaukee Airport, Sturtevant, WI, and Glenview, IL.

Amtrak's Hiawatha
Amtrak’s Hiawatha 334 at Sturtevant, WI, on June 20, 2021

This train does not have food service. Amtrak allows you to bring snacks to consume while enjoying the ride. You can bring alcohol aboard the train but not drink while riding.

The Hiawatha has open seating. This means the train does not have assigned seats. Any open coach seat is available to you, and on a busy train, you may sit next to someone you do not know.

There are some peak trains where groups may need to split up, especially if they board at the intermediate stations.

The Hiawatha has a Quiet Car for passengers that want a quieter ride. The Quiet Car does not require special reservations and has limited seating.

The Quiet Car prohibits cell phone calls, loud noise, or talking. In this car, you must use headphones for anything that makes noise and keep conversations to a whisper.

Baggage Service, Bikes, Golf Clubs, And Pets

Checked Baggage  Amtrak could be phasing out checked bag service on all Hiawatha lines. When it is available, it is only available to those traveling to and from the Chicago and Milwaukee stations and not at any of the intermediate stops.

Amtrak Quiet Car
These signs hang from the ceilings of the Quiet Cars, so you know to be quiet.

Bicycle and Golf Clubs – Space is available for standard, full-size bicycles, and golf clubs; check the link for details. You must book your bike or clubs when making your reservation. Bike storage service may be temporarily limited or not available on this train.

Pet – Amtrak allows dogs and cats up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet and carrier) for trips up to seven hours. You must book your pet when making your reservation.

Wheelchair Lift – is available to assist passengers in boarding and detraining with a wheeled mobility device. They are available at all stations. When booking, indicate that you need assistance so conductors know that someone needs help, and so they look for you.

Tickets For The Amtrak Hiawatha

Hiawatha at SVT
A bird’s eye view of the Hiawatha at the Sturtevant Depot

The Hiawatha is a reserved train, which means your reservation needs to match the train you are on. In other words, if you want to ride the 332 train to Chicago, your ticket must say 332 and the correct date. Amtrak often allows you to modify your reservations if your plans have changed without fees, although you may have to pay any fare differences.

This is a change from the past, where you could ride any Hiawatha even if the time or train numbers matched.

There are four types of tickets you can purchase for the Hiawatha:

  • One Way
  • Ten Ride
    • A ten-ride ticket allows you to purchase five round trips on one ticket and is valid for 90 days.
    • With these tickets, you can ride any of the Hiawatha trains.
    • This ticket allows one round trip per day.
    • Note that these tickets are only valid for the person whose name is on that ticket.
  • Round Trip
  • Monthly ticket
    • The monthly ticket is valid for one calendar month.
    • With these tickets, you can ride any of the Hiawatha trains.
    • This ticket allows one round trip per day.
    • Note that these tickets are only valid for the person whose name is on that ticket.

Temporary Changes To Amtrak Hiawatha Stations

Milwaukee Airport Station Access Loop Closed

Effective Immediately through the Summer of 2025

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is improving the Milwaukee Airport Rail Station by adding a train platform west of the station building.

The 800-foot concrete platform, with an overpass to connect the existing station to the new platform, will improve freight and passenger operations and capacity, reduce train delays and travel time and improve passenger safety and accessibility. This will also prepare the corridor for future potential Amtrak service expansion. The WisDOT project website can be viewed here.  

The station access loop (drop-off lane) is temporarily closed during the construction. However, airport shuttles and customer pick-up and drop-off continue in the parking lot, with 15 minutes of free usage per visit. Please review the map here for public access to the paid lot.

Hiawatha SVT
A southbound Hiawatha pulling into Sturtevant Depot

City of Chicago Street Project Temporarily Changes Chicago Union Station Customer Access

Effective July 31, 2023, through Fall 2024

The Chicago Department of Transportation is replacing the structure under South Canal Street in an 18-month project. It will temporarily eliminate Union Station access by all vehicles between West Adams Street and West Jackson Boulevard. Sidewalks along Canal Street will also be partially blocked. Please visit the City of Chicago website for more information on the project. Please allow extra time getting in and around the station, and expect significant traffic congestion during this project. Plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled departure.

New Primary Access Point at 255 South Clinton Street

A new mid-block entrance is now open on South Clinton Street, as seen here, between Adams and Jackson and across from West Quincy Street. It complies with disability access laws and leads directly into the station’s Great Hall and Train Concourses. Entrances on the corners of Clinton with Adams and Jackson continue to lead to the Great Hall and trains.

Taxi Stand and Ride Share/Loading Zone Locations

Taxis will pick up along Jackson Blvd. between Canal and Clinton Streets. The ride share and loading zone is along Adams Street, between Canal and Clinton Streets.

New Amtrak Thruway Bus Location at Clinton and Quincy Streets

Customers of Amtrak-ticketed buses will stop on Quincy Street directly across from the new Clinton Street mid-block entrance. Some Greyhound buses also serve this stop.

Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule/Timetable

In most cases, the route averages an hour and a half from end to end; 339 is an hour and thirty-seven minutes. These schedules come from the official Hiawatha page, and Amtrak, Wisconsin DOT, or the Illinois DOT can change them anytime.

The times listed below are departure times.

Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule Southbound Trains

*All trains are daily, but train 330 does not run on Sunday!

StationsMiles330 *332334336338340342
Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Airport
Sturtevant, WI
Glenview, IL
Chicago, IL

Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule Northbound Trains

*All trains are daily, but train 329 does not run on Sunday! **Friday Only

+Take note that “train” 8307 is a late-night bus with no intermediate stops.

Chicago, IL
Glenview, IL
Sturtevant, WI
Milwaukee Airport
Milwaukee, WI
* This train may not run on holidays

Printable Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule/Timetable

Amtrak’s I-41 Connecting Service

The Hiawatha has a connecting bus service, an Amtrak-branded bus that only services these Amtrak stops. Lamers run buses 7333 and 7338 connect to Amtrak trains but are not Amtrak-branded charter buses.

Southbound I-41 & Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule

Bus and Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule
(Amtrak 7338)
Green Bay, WI – Downtown (GBY)4:40A1:55P
De Pere, WI – Park and Ride (DPE)5:00A2:14P
Appleton, WI – Downtown (APP)5:31A10:15A2:48P
Oshkosh, WI – UW (OSU)6:00A10:55A3:23P
Fond du Lac, WI – Radisson (FDL)6:33A11:35A4:05P
Milwaukee, WI – Downtown (MKE)
Get off the bus at this stop
Connect in MKE with the train332336340
Milwaukee, WI – Airport (MKB)*8:23A1:20P5:58P
Connecting Train Schedule332338340
Milwaukee, WI Downtown (MKE)8:05A8:05A5:45P
Milwaukee Airport (MKA)8:15A1:15P5:55P
Sturtevant, WI (SVT)8:28A1:28P6:08P
Glenview, IL (GLN)9:06A2:06P6:46P
Chicago, IL (CHI)9:34A2:34P7:14P
*Not the same as the MKA train stop

Northbound I-41 & Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule

Bus and Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule
Chicago, IL – Union Station (CHI)8:25A1:05P5:08P
Glenview, IL (GLN)8:47A1:27P5:32P
Sturtevant, WI (SVT)9:25A2:05P6:14P
Milwaukee Airport (MKA)9:39A2:19P6:28P
Milwaukee, WI (MKE)9:54A2:34P6:45P
Connecting Bus ScheduleAmtrak
(Amtrak 7333)
Milwaukee, WI – Airport (MKB)*9:35A2:30P6:30P
Milwaukee, WI – Downtown (MKE)
Get off the train at this stop
Connect in MKE with the bus 633173336339
Fond du Lac, WI – Radisson (FDL)11:17A4:15P8:12P
Oshkosh, WI – UW (OSU)11:55A4:50P8:50P
Appleton, WI – Downtown (APP)12:28P5:25P9:23P
De Pere, WI – Park and Ride (DPE) 1:00P9:55P
Green Bay, WI – Downtown (GBY)1:22P10:17P
*Not the same as the MKA train stop

Printable I-41 & Amtrak Hiawatha Schedule

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