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Amtrak Gift Card

Amtrak Gift Cards

Amtrak gift cards make for an excellent gift for the traveler in your life, or you could buy and save up for a trip. These gift cards come in physical and digital forms, and you can store them in your Amtrak account.

Basic Facts For Amtrak Gift Cards

  • Choose an amount up to $500.
  • No fees.
  • Cards Never expire.
  • Email or send through the mail.
  • Redeem online, in the app, by phone, or in the station.

Giving Amtrak Gift Cards

If your favorite traveler loves Amtrak, provide them with the gift of Amtrak travel! You can purchase them directly from Amtrak or other stores such as Target. Some cards are sold with a set dollar amount, while others can have up to $500 loaded on them.

When you purchase them in a store, the cards get activated after they are purchased. The other way to send them is electronically, and the traveler receives the digital information in their email inbox. Both Target and Amtrak can send them electronically.

Best Way To Buy Amtrak Gift Cards

Physical Cards

Not to sound snarky, but the best way is whatever is most convenient for you. If you buy them online through Amtrak, they can send your gift to you or your traveler for free. For a fee, Amtrak will expedited shipping. Amtrak can send the gift card with a personal message from you.

If you buy gift cards from stores like Target, you will leave with it and maybe a card to send to your traveler.

Digital Gift Cards

Digital cards bought through Amtrak do have an advantage because Amtrak offers several different designs, including route-specific cards. This option could be a neat touch if your traveler is planning on going on a specific route.

Stores like Target will also send out digital cards as well, but the traveler will receive an Amtrak branded digital copy in the email. Messages may be available depending on the retailer.

Places To Shop

A few places that sell Amtrak Gift Cards (at time of publishing)

Discounts On Amtrak Gift Cards

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Amtrak does not run (or at least I have seen any) deals on these cards, but there are a few ways to save. If you have a Target Red Card, you receive 5% off when you use it at checkout, and this works for both physical cards bought in-store and digital online. When you are out shopping, check out if your favorite stores carry Amtrak gift cards.

How & Where Travelers Can Use Them

As of March 2020, Amtrak gift cards can be used online, in person, or over the phone for Amtrak travel only and not for onboard purchases. (I am not for sure if you can use them in Amtrak tick machines).

If you purchase or receive a gift card, log into your account, and from there, you can store these cards and use them towards your next ticket purchase.

Southwest Chief
The eastbound Southwest Chief in Galesburg, IL

Final Thoughts

I have received a few Amtrak gift cards, and they were easy to use. Amtrak had a somewhat archaic paper gift certificate system not that long ago, and you could only redeem the gift certificates at staffed stations. These new cards are more convenient and valuable for more travelers.

If the traveler in your life enjoys riding the rails, these cards will be a welcome gift! They also are great gifts for your favorite travel blogger (that’s me, right?)!

If you receive an Amtrak gift card and don’t know how to travel on Amtrak, fear not; I have you covered! Check out the Riding Amtrak Page as a starting point for your next Amtrak adventure. If you like what you see, there other ways for you to follow my work, or if you want to know when new stories come out, join my email list.

Safe Travels!


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