How to print out Amtrak schedules
How to print out Amtrak schedules

How to Print Amtrak Schedules: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Amtrak website offers schedules or timetables listing the departure times of each stop. You can print or download Amtrak schedules for a particular route or customize them for your trip. If you are returning to Amtrak travel, they are a little different than in the past, but the basics are there.

In this post, I use the terms timetable and schedule interchangeably because they mean the same thing these days. For those who want to get technical, a timetable is often associated with fixed and regulated timing, especially in transportation. A schedule is a more general term encompassing plans and may not always be as strictly time-bound. Today, the term schedule is more common across transportation.

Do you need Amtrak schedules for your trip?

Not to upset a subset of people, but it is not as important as some say to carry a schedule with you. You can take a trip and enjoy it without printing or downloading schedules, but they can add to your experience,

Your ticket tells you when your train should depart and arrive at your destination; for many people, that is all the info they need. If that is all you need, you may not need to worry about any of this, and you can see an example below.

I like to have them when traveling to see what stops are coming up. Besides, it gives me something to look at and answer that age-old question of, what stop was that?

A quick overview of how to print Amtrak schedules

Here is a quick summary of how you do this for the tech-savvy or if you need a reminder. I devised a cheat sheet for you; feel free to store it with your travel papers as a reminder.

  • Click on the schedule button or go to the Amtrak schedule direct link.
  • Choose your route or enter your information for a custom schedule, and then hit the Find Schedule button.
  • Depending on your circumstances, Amtrak may give you one or more results, and you can print all the choices or just one. Hit the printer button, and then print the selected route or all.
  • This will give you a PDF file to download or make a paper copy.
Amtrak schedules page
Amtrak schedule page (From

Route schedule will give you the train and associated Amtrak connecting services. To save paper, choose the pages you want to print.

That is all you need to do; keep reading if you need more info than that.

Where can I find schedules on the Amtrak website?

You can get Amtrak schedules from your computer, tablet, or phone, and I suggest using whatever device you want it downloaded to or that talks to your printer the best. Keep in mind that things can change, for the screen grabs are from the Amtrak website and take January 2024, from a computer or mobile device

From your computer

Amtrak home page with the schedule button highlighted
Where to find the scheduled

From a handheld browser

A red circle shows where the menu button is located.

From the Amtrak app

You have a choice of what Amtrak schedules you need.

You can custom schedule to match your booked trip or get one for specific routes.

Custom schedule or use stations.

If you are looking for a schedule or customized timetable for your trip that includes all your trains, this will work well for you! This will give you an overview page, showing you where your layovers are, and then a page for every train with just the times you are on it.

For example, if you book a trip from Sturtevant, WI, to Philidelphia, PA, you would take two or three trains for that journey. This is the way to go if you want to print out a schedule with just the times you need without all the extras.

  • Enter your endpoints and the dates.
  • Amtrak will give you options if available.
  • Click on the route you want.
  • Hit the printer icon.
    • You can select to print them all or just the one you need.
  • This will open a PDF file with icons on the upper right-hand side that allow you to download or print.

Route schedule

If you are in the planning stage or going from end to end, you can go to the route schedule that will include all of the connecting services.

  • Hit the Route or train icon.
  • Then, use the dropdown menu to select your desired route and hit the find schedule button.
  • Select the date you want
  • Hit the printer icon
    • As of February 2024, when you hit this button, it only lets you print the timetable.
  • This will take you to a PDF that you can print or download; those icons are on the upper right hand.

Other places to find Amtrak schedules

There are other places to get Amtrak schedules, and here are all of the Amtrak schedule pages I made.

I have a section on Amtrak schedules for most Amtrak trains. These posts have a PDF from the Amtrak site and additional train information.

Other resources, too, offer timetables in the more traditional form, such as the Rail Passenger Association.

The one thing to remember with mine and these other sites is they are not official and are not updated as fast as Amtrak’s, and Amtrak does not always warn us when there are changes.

Kev’s thoughts on printing Amtrak Schedules

Amtrak used to have timetables printed and available at some stations for passengers, but the process was discontinued over the years.

The big problem with printed timetables is that they can be outdated before they go to printing! It is expensive to publish and distribute printed materials and ensure they are up to date everywhere they are on display. One other downside was not every station had an up-to-date timetable that you might need for your trip.

With the newer system, you will get the most up-to-date information! Statistics tell us that more people have access to technology than do not, allowing people to access this information if they put in the effort.

Getting the schedules from Amtrak directly will get you the most up-to-date information, especially if you print them the day before or the morning of your travel. While I already went through the process for most Amtrak routes, it is hard for me to maintain all of those pages 100% of the time, which is valid for other sites that offer them.

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Safe travels and happy planning!


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