Milwaukee Intermodal Station: What you need to know
MKE Milwaukee Intermodal Station

Milwaukee Intermodal Station: What you need to know

The Milwaukee Intermodal Station is the surface transportation hub for Brew City’s ground transportation. It is located in downtown Milwaukee and offers access to Amtrak and bus service. It also has connections to Milwaukee County Transit and more. Learn about what this station can provide you with!

An abridged history of the Milwaukee Intermodal Station

A look at the the East wall in the Milwaukee INtermodal Station.
The East wall at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station

The Milwaukee Road Railroad built this station in the early 1960s. During that time, the station served passengers for the Milwaukee Road, Chicago & Northwestern railroads and office space. This station was known as Milwaukee Union Station from 1965 to 2007, and in 2007, it was renamed the Milwaukee Intermodal Station.

Later, the Wisconsin DOT acquired the building, where they continued to host rail service and brought the bus lines to create a surface travel hub in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Intermodal Station Today

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation modernized the station in 2007, giving the building an updated look.

Milwaukee Intermodal Station
Milwaukee Intermodal Station

Later, in 2016, the train shed received much-needed updates to improve the passenger experience. With these updates, the Milwaukee Intermodal Station is ready for future rail expansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Midwest. Today, the station serves its intended purpose as a surface travel hub for Southeast Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Intermodal Station Transportation Options

Amtrak's Hiawatha at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station
Amtrak’s Hiawatha at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station

This station offers rail and bus service. Those who need to take to the air can get to four airports from here; some transfers may be required.

Amtrak currently has two routes, with the Great River route coming soon.

Besides rail, this station connects several bus companies, including Greyhound.

If you are coming into Milwaukee, outside the station, you can connect with Milwaukee Country Transit, The Hop, taxis, and rideshares.

The Hours

The Intermodal Station is open seven days a week for rail and bus service. However, you may not have a waiting area if your bus is late.

The station hours are 5:30 am—8:00 pm, but these can change anytime, and providers may extend hours for late service.

Where To Find The Milwaukee Intermodal Station

The Milwaukee Intermodal Station is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.


433 St. Paul Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53103

Nearby paid parking lots are available.

Parking at the Station

There are 279 parking spaces west of the station at 701 West St. Paul St., but other parking lots and facilities are also nearby. ​The daily parking rate is $10, which is good until midnight that night. If you need to park longer, here is a guide for prices:

Machines for paying for parking at MKE Intermodal Station
Parking machines for the Milwaukee Intermodal Parking lot.
  • A 4-day pass is $35​
  • 5-day pass is $40
  • 7-day pass is $60
  • 10-day pass is $90
  • 16-day pass is $120
  • Sat-Sun pass is $12
  • Fri-Sun pass is $24
  • A monthly pass is $106
  • Last checked February 2024

To get the most up-to-date prices or pre-pay for parking check, check out the parking lot’s page.

Milwaukee Intermodal Station Facts

A look at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station
The Milwaukee Intermodal Station
  • Amtrak Station Code: MKE
  • Annual station ticket revenue FY 2022: $11,064,791*
  • Annual station ridership FY 2022: 379,535*
  • WDOT owns the platform, station, and parking lot (managed by an outside vendor)
  • The Soo Line/Canadian Pacific Kances City Railroad owns and maintains the tracks.

Amtrak at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station

The Milwaukee Intermodal Station currently hosts two Amtrak train routes, a new one coming soon and an Amtrak connecting service, with more services in the works.

Amtrak booking note

There are three Amtrak stops in Milwaukee, and you must ensure you have the right one! If you want to leave from the Downtown Statin but have a layover, you may have entered the wrong station.

For service from the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, use the station code MKE!

MKA and MKB are Amtrak stops at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport. MKA is the Hiawatha stop, and MKB is the connecting bus stop.

Empire Builder

The Empire Builder is a daily Amtrak long-distance train between Chicago and Seattle/Portland. Its southern endpoint is Chicago Union Station.

The train offers coach and sleeper car accommodations.

Note: you cannot purchase Empire Builder tickets to ride the train between Milwaukee and Chicago; for that, use the Hiawatha.

Empire Builder in Milwaukee
The Empire Builder in Milwaukee, WI


Amtrak’s Hiawatha is a regional train funded by the WDOT and IDOT.

The Hiawatha operates seven round-trip trains daily, Monday through Saturday, and six on Sundays.

This train only has a coach class, but there is also a Quiet Car. It does not have food service.


The Borealis, the new name of the Great River train, will run between Chicago and the Twin Cities sometime in 2024.

It will replace the 333 and 340 Hiawatha’s, stopping at all of the Empire Builder stops between Chicago and St Paul with the addition of the Sturtevant (SVT) and the Milwaukee Airport (MKA).

Amtrak Connecting & Thruway Services

Amtrak offers destinations beyond the rails with Amtrak Connecting and Thruway Service.

This service is Amtrak chartered busses that take people up I-41, including stops in Green Bay.

You may need to incorporate a train ride when booking a trip.

Checked bag service is not available with bus transfer, so plan accordingly,

Amtrak thruway bus
Amtrak’s Thruway Bus service

Amtrak Thruway I-41 Bus Service

This could become a train service in a few years.

Green Bay, WI (GBY)Transportation Center, 901 University Avenue
De Pere, WI (DPE)Park & Ride – 100 Lawrence Drive
Appleton, WI (APP)Transit Center – 100 East Washington Street. Motor Coach loads on Oneida Street.
Oshkosh, WI – UW (OSU)Gruenhagen Conference Center – 208 Osceola Street
Fond du Lac, WI (FDL)Radisson Hotel and Conference Center – 625 West Rolling Meadows Drive
Milwaukee, WI – Amtrak (MKE)Intermodal Station 433 West St. Paul. Bay #7
Milwaukee, WI – Airport (MKB)Motor Coach loads outside Baggage Claim Door #1. Walk across lanes to the median/island. Look for signs.
Milwaukee Amtrak Connecting Bus Stops

Amtrak services at Milwaukee Intermodal Station

The ticket counter at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station.
The ticket counter at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station.

This station offers ticket agents for making reservations, checking bags, and helping with train boarding.

Baggage Services

Checked bag service is available for passengers whose final destination offers baggage services. Otherwise, Amtrak has a generous carry-on policy. You can also store bags (at the time of publishing), often around $10.

Bike and shipping boxes and ski bags are available for purchase.

Getting to airports from the Milwaukee Intermodal Station

This station can connect you to several airports!

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport

MKE Shuttle
This shuttle runs at the Milwaukee Airport, taking passengers between the airport, parking lots, and the Airport Amtrak Station.

There are several ways to connect to Mitchell from this station.

By train

Amtrak’s Hiawatha stops at the airport station (MKA) seven times daily. If you take the train, a shuttle will take you from the train station to the airport and back.

By bus

Amtrak connecting bus service also has stops at this station (MKB).

The 80 MCTS bus can also take you there, with a stop near the station. Coach USA bus service leaves the station and can also take you to the airport.

There are also taxis and rideshare options too.

Chicago O’Hare

The easiest way to get to O’Hare from this station is the Coach USA Bus Line. The bus drops off and picks you up at the airport’s transportation center.

The other option is to take Amtrak or a bus service to Downtown Chicago and then take the CTA Blue Line north, which terminates at the airport.

Chicago Midway

Take Amtrak or a bus to Chicago and walk to the CTA Orange Line from the Loop to the airport, which terminates there.

Southbend International Airport

Take Amtrak or a bus to Chicago and do a self-trainer to Millennium Station to catch the Southshore Line, which will take you to the airport.

Bus services at Milwaukee Intermodal Station

My first Greyhound Bus Trip
My first Greyhound Bus Trip

Greyhound staffs the bus side of the station on the west side of the lobby. The ticket office is open from 5:30 am – 9:00 pm. If you need in-person help, call or check the Greyhound website to ensure service is there; times can change.

All buses load outside the West end doors. The city bus stop is close to the station with access to the Blue Line, 12, 31, 34, 57, and 80.

Coach USA – Wisconsin Coach LineGreyhound
Jefferson LinesIndian Trails
LamersBadger Bus
This information can change at anytime

Station amenities that are available for all

Retail spaces at the Milwaukee Intermodal station.
Retail spaces at the Milwaukee Intermodal station.

The station’s passenger waiting area is divided into three regions: the far East side is Amtrak, the West side serves the buses, and the middle passenger comfort (retail spaces, bubblers (drinking fountain), and vending machines). The station does have Wi-Fi, but not from Amtrak.

Public bathrooms are on the station’s south side before you reach the Greyhound ticket desk.

Food And Coffee In The Station And Nearby

There are vending machines with food and drink, so you can grab something while you wait or grab something to go. At the time of publishing, the coffee shop/cafe was closed.


Bagel. spread, and coffee from Stone Creek Coffee.
Delights from Stone Creek Coffee

Food and coffee places are available within blocks of the station, and here are a few of my favorites that are within walking distance.

One of my favorite coffee shops is half a block north of the station, Stone Creek Coffee’s Factory Cafe. It serves brewed coffee, espresso drinks, food, and accessories.

Various shops and food are .4 miles east, including the Milwaukee Public Market, which offers multiple food vendors, coffee, and more, with indoor and outdoor seating.

This place works great for solo travelers but is fantastic for groups of travelers because there is something there for almost everyone. That way, there are fewer arguments. There are other places near the Public Market as well.


If your next Amtrak adventure starts or ends at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, be prepared to leave the station for fresh food.

* Information from The Great American Station


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