Amtrak Downeaster Schedule title card
Amtrak Downeaster Schedule title card

Downeaster (Amtrak): Boston to Brunswick

The Amtrak Downeaster is a regional train that runs daily between Boston, MA, and Brunswick, ME, with stops in between. The route covers 145 scenic miles, passing through picturesque landscapes and historic landmarks. With five daily round trips, passengers can easily plan their travels for business or an adventure, with an average travel time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The Downeaster is efficient, offering comfy seating and complimentary Wi-Fi, and you can reserve coach and business-class accommodations. The train also provides bike racks so that cyclists can bring their bikes. A cafe car is available for food and beverage needs.

Join me as we delve into the world of the Amtrak Downeaster, where you can find its schedule, amenities, and everything you need to know to embark on your unforgettable journey through the heart of the Northeast.

Welcome aboard!

Amtrak Downeaster Coach class

Inside a Amfleet 1 Amtrak car
The inside of an Amtrak Amfleet 1 Coach Car found on many regional trains

The Downeaster provides coach seating with various features, including comfortable seats, fold-down seat trays, individual reading lights, and 120v grounded (three-prong) electric outlets. Additionally, the coach car has overhead luggage shelves, and there is usually a rack at the end of the coach car where you can store your belongings.

I found the regional coach seats comfortable during my many years of traveling by Amtrak. If you ever need to stretch your legs or get a different view for a little while, you can head to the cafe car. I will provide more information about the cafe car later on.

Layout of an Amtrak regional train coach car
Regional Coach Car Layout

Business class

The Downeastern offers business class, which gives passengers extra legroom, a comfortable seat, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

Business Class passengers will also receive a 25% Amtrak Guest Rewards points bonus.

Downeatern Wi-Fi and food

Wi-Fi is free and available on this train.

The café car on the train offers a diverse selection of hot and cold meals, snacks, and drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

You may bring food and drink aboard the train, but you cannot consume alcohol on the train you brought aboard.

Add-ons for your trip

If you want to bring your bike or pet, this section is for you. It also answers any questions you may have about checked luggage.

Bringing your bike on the Downeastern

Standard full-size bicycles may be carried and stored onboard bicycle racks on select trains. Passengers traveling on short-distance routes in the Northeast must remove the front wheel before storing their bikes. Bikes go in Specially Designated Spaces Only.

Passengers can store bicycles inside designated racks in Coach passenger cars. Unreserved carry-on bicycle service racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the racks are full, bicycles will not be accepted onboard.

Pets and service animals on the Downeaster

Amtrak helping passenger
Amtrak conductor assists a passenger in getting to the right car. Photo Courtesy of Amtrak
  • Amtrak allows you to bring your dog or cat, providing the following:
    • Your fluffy travel companion and their carrier must weigh 20 pounds or less.
      • There are size restrictions as well.
    • Your pet needs to be on your reservation.
    • Paperwork is needed, and Amtrak will send it after your reservation is complete, or you can find it in the My Trip section.
    • To get additional info and the paperwork, check out Amtrak’s pet policy.

If you have a service or comfort animal, read Amrak’s service animal policy for booking and instructions and animal qualifications before booking.

Luggage on the Downeaster

Each passenger may carry on:

  • One personal item, 25 lbs. (12 kg) and 14 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Two carry-on pieces of luggage, 50 lbs. (23 kg) and 28 x 22 x 14 inches each

If you transfer to the Pacific Surfliner at some point along your journey, the baggage size for that train is up to 28 x 22 x 11 inches each.

Charges apply for additional and oversized luggage; check out Amtrak’s carry-on bag policy for more information.

Amtrak Downeaster Service Schedule

As a good practice, check your etickets on your travel date to ensure no last-minute time changes. Click on the stations to see the services offered at that stop.

Northbound Amtrak Downeaster Schedule

Communities ServedMiles681/691683/693685/695687/697689/1689
Boston, MA (BON)
North Station
Woburn, MA (WOB)139:08a12:08p4:03p5:38p10:48p
Haverhill, MA (HHL)349:38a12:38p4:33p6:08p11:18p
Exeter, NH (EXR)519:59a12:59p4:54p6:29p11:39p
Durham, NH (DHM)
University of New Hampshire
Dover, NH (DOV)6810:20a1:20p5:15p6:50p11:59p
Wells, ME (WEM)8410:38a1:38p5:33p7:08p12:18a
Saco, ME (SAO)10010:55a1:55p5:50p7:25p12:35a
Portland, ME (POR)11611:25a*2:25p*6:20p*7:55p*1:00a
Freeport, ME (FRE)13611:55a2:55p6:50p8:25p1:30a
Brunswick, ME (BRK)14512:10p3:10p7:05p8:40p1:45a
* This is a five-minute stop

Southbound Amtrak Downeaster Schedule

Communities ServedMiles680682/692684686/696688/698
Brunswick, ME (BRK)04:30a7:10a11:00a12:55p5:45p
Freeport, ME (FRE)94:43a7:23a11:13a1:08p5:58p
Portland, ME (POR)295:18a7:58a11:48a1:43p *6:33p*
Saco, ME (SAO)455:40a8:20a12:10p2:05p6:55p 
Wells, ME (WEM)615:59a8:39a12:29p2:24p7:14p
Dover, NH (DOV)776:17a8:57a12:47p2:42p7:32p
Durham, NH (DHM)
University of New Hampshire
Exeter, NH (EXR)946:39a9:19a1:09p3:04p7:54p
Haverhill, MA (HHL)1117:00a 9:40a1:30p3:25p8:15p
Woburn, MA (WOB)1327:29a10:09a1:59p3:54p8:44p
Boston, MA (BON)
North Station
* This is a five-minute stop

Printable Amtrak Downeaster Schedule

You can use the link below to print out the Amtrak Downeaster, or if you want a custom schedule, you can do that, too! allows you to print the most up-to-date schedule or a custom schedule. Learn how to print off Amtrak Schedules here.

The information for these guides comes from Amtrak, and Amtrak can change times anytime.

Safe Travels,


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