Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule
Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule

2023 Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule & More

The Amtrak Hartford Line allows you to book a train to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the New England rolling hills while commuting, and this page gives you the info you need.

In addition to the schedule, there is a printable Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule PDF for you to download to your device or print. You can also find the basics of this train within this article.

The information for these guides comes from Amtrak, and they can change times anytime.

Temporary Schedule And Service Changes To The Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule

Below is the link to Amtrak’s page informing passengers of service or station changes, often only temporary. It doesn’t hurt to check before and after you book, especially before leaving for the station.

Amtrak Hartford Line Basics

The Hartford Line Numbers

Amtrak’s Northbound Hartford Line is 412, 416, 432, 450, 460, 464, 470, 474, 476, and 490, with 405, 409, 417, 451, 463, 465, 467, 473, 475, 479, and 497 being the Southbound. The train does have a different weekday and weekend schedule for some stops.

Seating Accommodations

Amfleet Coach
Amfleet Coach Class

The Hartford Line offers Coach seating features comfortable seats, a fold-down tray, individual reading lights, and 120v electric outlets.

Wi-fi & Entertainment

Amtrak offers free Wi-fi on this train. While free, it does have some restrictions, for it can throttle or not allow streaming. You may not be able to download or upload large files.

Amtrak does not offer streaming entertainment, but here are some entertainment ideas for you.


There is not any food service on this line. You are welcome to bring food and beverages but may not consume the alcohol you brought onboard.


Carry-On/Trainside bicyclesyou can bring up to 50 lbs. Standard bicycle sizes apply. Maximum tire width: 2″, Check the link for details, and bike service may not be available at all stations, which can change anytime.

Amtrak helping passenger
Amtrak conductor assisting a passenger to the right car. Photo Courtesy of Amtrak


Amtrak allows dogs and cats up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet and carrier) for trips up to seven hours.

These spots could be limited; you will know if you can bring a pet when booking. If you plan to bring your pet, consider the limitations and rules.


This train does not offer a checked bag service.

Passengers can bring two pieces of luggage and two personal items, but all bags must be under 50 pounds. For more information, check Amtrak’s baggage policy.

Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule

Treat this page as a guide; check with Amtrak or your eticket for exact times. If there are two times, the first is the arrival, the second is the departure, and if there is only one, it is a quick stop.

Click on the stations to see the services offered at that stop.

Northbound Amtrak Hartford Line Weekdays

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New Haven, CT
Union Station (NHV)
New Haven, CT
State Street Station (STS)
Wallingford, CT (WFD)129:14a 10:23a4:18p5:49p11:15p
Meriden, CT (MDN)189:22a | 9:23a10:32a4:25p5:57p11:23p
Berlin, CT (BER)259:32a10:40a4:34p6:05p11:32p
Hartford, CT (HFD)369:42a | 9:45a10:52a | 10:54a4:47p | 4:49p6:16p | 6:19p11:45p | 11:48p
Windsor, CT (WND)429:53a 11:01a4:56p6:26p11:55p
Windsor Locks, CT (WNL)479:59a11:08a5:03p6:33p12:03a
Springfield, MA (SPG)6210:24a11:33a5:28p6:58p12:30a

Northbound Amtrak Hartford Line Weekends

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New Haven, CT
Union Station (NHV)
New Haven, CT
State Street Station (STS)
Wallingford, CT (WFD)129:09a11:14a3:14p8:04p9:49p
Meriden, CT (MDN)189:17a11:23a3:23p8:13p9:58p
Berlin, CT (BER)259:25a11:31a3:32p8:21p10:06p
Hartford, CT (HFD)369:38a | 9:40a11:44a | 11:46a3:44p | 3:47p8:33p | 8:35p10:17p | 10:19p
Windsor, CT (WND)429:47a11:53a3:53p8:42p10:26p
Windsor Locks, CT (WNL)479:53a11:59a3:59p8:49p10:33p
Springfield, MA (SPG)6210:18a12:23p4:24p9:13p10:57p

Southbound Amtrak Hartford Line Weekends

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Springfield, MA (SPG)07:25a12:30p1:05p4:00p5:30p 7:15p
Windsor Locks, CT (WNL)157:44a12:49p1:24p4:19p5:49p7:35p
Windsor, CT (WND)207:49a12:55p1:29p4:25p5:55p7:41p
Hartford, CT (HFD)267:57a | 7:59a1:02p | 1:05p1:36p | 1:39p4:31p | 4:34p6:02p | 6:05p7:49p | 7:52p
Berlin, CT (BER)37 8:10a1:16p1:49p4:44p6:15p8:02p
Meriden, CT (MDN)44 8:19a1:24p1:57p4:54p6:23p8:11p
Wallingford, CT (WFD)508:27a1:32p2:05p5:03p6:32p8:19p
New Haven, CT
State Street Station (STS)
New Haven, CT
Union Station (NHV)
*Sunday Only; + Saturday Only

Southbound Amtrak Hartford Line Weekday

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Springfield, MA (SPG)05:10a12:05p3:55p5:55p7:25p
Windsor Locks, CT (WNL)155:28a12:29p4:14p6:14p7:44p
Windsor, CT (WND)205:34a1:29p4:19p6:20p7:49p
Hartford, CT (HFD)265:40a | 5:43a12:36p | 12:39p4:26p | 4:29p6:27p | 6:30p7:56p | 7:59p
Berlin, CT (BER)375:53a12:50p4:40p6:40p8:10p
Meriden, CT (MDN)446:02a12:59p4:49p6:49p8:19p
Wallingford, CT (WFD)506:10a1:07p4:57p6:57p8:27p
New Haven, CT
State Street Station (STS)
New Haven, CT
Union Station (NHV)
*Sunday only

Some of the Hartford Line station stops may duplicate some of the other trains.

Printable Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule

Feel free to print out or download this page from Amtrak. The schedule below does not list the last three stations.

A Little More On The Amtrak Hartford Line Schedule Page

This page was current on the day of publication, and I try to keep this page updated to the best of my abilities.

This page is not associated with Amtrak or the National Railway Passenger Corporation, but the information on this site comes from and is accurate when published. Amtrak can change times at any time.

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