Amtrak San Joaquins Schedule
Amtrak San Joaquins Schedule

2023-2024 Amtrak San Joaquins Schedule/Timetable

The Amtrak San Joaquins trains are a great way to travel throughout and see California and the San Joaquin Valley. The San Joaquin Valley is California’s premier agricultural region, bordered on the west by the coastal mountain ranges and on the east by California’s magnificent Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Death Valley National Parks.

The San Joaquins runs multiple times daily between the San Francisco Bay Area (or Sacramento) and Bakersfield, where Amtrak Thruway buses connect you to great Southern California destinations. Other stops include Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Martinez, and Fresno. Easy Thruway bus connections to San Francisco are made at Emeryville.

Temporary Schedule And Service Changes To The Amtrak San Joaquins Schedule

Below is the link to Amtrak’s page informing passengers of service or station changes, often only temporary. It doesn’t hurt to check before and after you book, especially before leaving for the station.

The Amtrak San Joaquins Basics

Find out the basis of the San Joaquins so you are ready for your next trip.

Amtrak San Joaquins
Amtrak” ‘s San Joaquins (a California regional train) sits in Bakersfield, CA, waiting for its crew and passengers to board.

Equipment Used The San Joaquins

The San Joaquins uses two-level (or bi-level) and single-level equipment using California or long-distance Superliners.

Seating Accommodations

The San Joaquins offers Coach seating, which features comfortable seats, a fold-down tray, individual reading lights, and 120v electric outlets.

Some train sets may have seats that face each other with a table between them.

This train does not offer business class.

Wi-fi & Entertainment

Amtrak offers free Wi-Fi on this train. While free, it does have some restrictions, for it can throttle or not allow streaming. You may not be able to download or upload large files.

This train does not offer streaming entertainment, but here are some entertainment ideas for you.

Amtrak Connecting Service

Amtrak Thruway Service offers connecting transportation to destinations like Bakersfield and Long Beach.


The Cafe Car

Amtrak Food
You can bring the food you buy in Amtrak’s Cafe car back to your seat

The cafe car offers a variety of hot and cold meals, snacks, and beverages. Adult beverages are also sold.

Conductors and the cafe car attendant will let you know when it is open and its location, generally at the one end of the train.

You can consume your purchases in the cafe or at your seat.

Bringing Food On The Amtrak San Joaquins

Amtrak allows you to bring personal food and drink aboard the train. You can only consume what you obtained at your seat, but not in the cafe.

While you can bring alcohol on the train, you can’t consume it on the rails. If you get caught drinking your own or get out of hand, you can be removed from the train.


Carry-On/Trainside bicyclesYou can bring up to 50 lbs. Standard bicycle sizes apply. Maximum tire width: 2″. Check the link for details. And bike service may not be available at all stations, which can change anytime.


Pets are not permitted on this train.


This train does not offer a checked bag service.

Each passenger may carry on:

  • One personal item, 25 lbs. (12 kg) and 14 x 11 x 7 inches, and 
  • Two carry-on pieces of luggage, 50 lbs. (23 kg) and 28 x 22 x 14 inches each
  • If you transfer to the Pacific Surfliner at some point along your journey, the baggage size for that train is up to 28 x 22 x 11 inches each. 

Charges apply for additional and oversized luggage; check out Amtrak’s carry-on bag policy for more information.

Amtrak San Joaquins Schedule

This train offers connection services, including San Fransico, Los Angeles, and other intermediate stops. The PDF below this schedule includes connecting services.

Amtrak San Joaquins Schedule Northbound

Bakersfield, CA (BFD)4:12a8:12a12:12p2:12p4:12p6:12p0
Wasco, CA (WAC)4:39a8:39a12:39p2:39p4:39p6:39p25
Corcoran, CA (COC)5:14a9:14a1:19p 3:19p5:19p7:19p63
Hanford, CA (HNF)5:34a9:34a1:39p3:39p5:39p 7:39p80
Fresno, CA (FNO)6:12a10:16a2:16p4:16p6:16p 8:16p110
Madera, CA (MDR)6:38a10:42a2:42p 4:42p6:42p8:42p136
Merced, CA (MCD)7:13a | 7:23a11:13a | 11:23a3:13p | 3:23p5:13p | 5:23p7:13p | 7:23p 9:15p | 9:19p168
Turlock-Denair, CA (TRK)7:45a11:45a3:45p5:45p7:45p9:41p 192
Modesto, CA (MOD)8:03a12:03p4:03p6:03p8:03p9:57p 204
Stockton, CA – San Joaquin Street Station (SKN)8:40a12:40p4:40p6:40p8:40p10:29p233
Antioch-Pittsburg, CA (ACA)9:08a1:08p5:09p7:08p9:08p264
Martinez, CA (MTZ)9:31a1:31p5:32p7:32p9:31p283
 Richmond, CA (RIC)9:55a1:55p5:56p7:56p 9:57p302
Emeryville, CA (EMY)10:10a2:15p6:15p8:16p10:20p310
Oakland, CA – Jack London Square Station (OKJ)10:28a2:28p6:28p8:31p10:30p315
Lodi, CA (LOD)10:44p249
Sacramento, CA – Sacramento Valley Station (SAC)11:35p285

Amtrak San Joaquins Schedule Southbound

Sacramento, CA (SAC)
Sacramento Valley Station
Lodi, CA (LOD)7:04a36
Stockton, CA (SKT)
Robert J. Cabral Station
Oakland, CA (OKJ)
Jack London Square Station
7:36a 9:36a11:36a1:36p5:36p0
Emeryville, CA (EMY)7:46a9:46a11:46a1:46p5:46p5
 Richmond, CA (RIC)7:54a9:54a11:55a1:55p5:54p13
Martinez, CA (MTZ)8:25a10:25a12:25p 2:25p6:25p32
Antioch-Pittsburg, CA (ACA)8:50a10:50a12:50p2:50p6:50p51
Stockton, CA (SKN)
San Joaquin Street Station
Modesto, CA (MOD)7:56a7:56a11:56a1:56p3:56p7:56p111
Turlock-Denair, CA (TRK)8:12a8:12a12:12p2:12p 4:09p8:09p123
Merced, CA (MCD)8:35a | 8:45a8:35a | 8:45a12:35p | 12:45p2:35p | 2:45p4:35p | 4:45p8:35p | 8:45p147
Madera, CA (MDR)9:19a 9:19a1:19p 3:19p5:19a9:19p179
Fresno, CA (FNO)9:49a9:49a1:49p3:49p5:49p 9:49p205
Hanford, CA (HNF)10:24a10:24a2:24p4:24p6:24p10:24p235
Corcoran, CA (COC)10:41a10:41a2:40p4:40p6:40p10:40p252
Wasco, CA (WAC)11:20a 11:20a3:17p5:17p7:17p11:12p290
Bakersfield, CA (BFD)11:57a11:57a3:57p5:57p7:57p11:57p315

The information for these guides comes from Amtrak, and the information was accurate when it was published. Amtrak can make changes at any time.

Amtrak San Joaquins Printable Schedule

Feel free to download or print it out to make it easier to read.

Things can change, and this page was current on the day of publication. I try to keep this page updated to the best of my abilities.

This page is not associated with Amtrak or the National Railway Passenger Corporation, but the information on this site comes from and is accurate when published. Amtrak can change times at any time.

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