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Eating On Amtrak

Cafe car title block

Amtrak Cafe Car: What You Need To Know

Eating is essential, even when you are traveling. This article covers the necessary information on what you should know about Amtrak Cafe Cars.
How I started taking Amtrak adventures (1)

Amtrak Flex Dining

This article covers the basics of Amtrak Contemporary Dining, and Sleeper Lounge Cars found on long-distance trains running East of the Mississippi. Temporarily on all long-distance trains but for the…

Amtrak Accomidations


Amtrak Bedroom: What you need to know

The Amtrak bedroomis the largest room in an Amtrak sleeper car with the most amenities. This article gives you the information you need before you book your next trip.
Amtrak’s long-distance coach seats

Is Amtrak Coach Class right for you?

Are you thinking of an Amtrak adventure? This article will help answer your questions on the Amtrak coach class on both regional and long-distance trains.

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