Amtrak Carolinian Schedule
Amtrak Carolinian Schedule

Carolinian (Amtrak): Charlotte to New York

The Amtrak Carolinian is a daily train between Charlotte, NC, and New York, NY, with several intermediate stops, including Richmond and Raleigh. It travels 705 miles from end to end and takes around 13.5 hours.

In this post, you will find the Carlonina timetable or schedule and information on accommodations, food, and more so you can book an Amtrak adventure knowing all the basics.

The Amtrak Carolinian at the Raleigh station.
The Amtrak Carolinian at the Raleigh station. (courtesy of

Amtrak Carolinian train host

This train has a volunteer host to help you along your journey. These hosts volunteer their time to ride the trains to help passengers, promote passenger services, and answer questions about the route, ground transportation, and area attractions.

Carolinian coach class

Amtrak's Carolinian at Raleigh Union Station
Amtrak’s Carolinian at Raleigh Union Station

Amtrak coach seating features comfortable seats and a fold-down tray with a seat back pocket.

You also have Individual reading lights and 120v grounded (three-prong) electric outlets under the window.

Every car has two bathrooms. For your luggage, there are overhead shelves above your seat and a luggage rack at one end of the coach car.

Seats on this train are not assigned, but conductors could put you in specific cars based on your destination.

If you are interested in tips and tricks for coach travel, there is a section in this post under the business class section, or you can hit the button below.

Coach car layout

Layouts can vary slightly between cars, but this diagram gives you an idea of how they look.

Layout of an Amtrak regional train coach car
Regional Coach Car Layout

Business class

Amtrak business class is in a separate car on this train and includes extra legroom, a comfortable seat, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

Business class on this train does allow you to reserve your seat. You are assigned a seat at booking that you can change before boarding.

Additionally, Business Class customers receive a 25% bonus on Amtrak Guest Rewards points.

Amtrak travel tips

Over the years, I have traveled thousands of miles in Amtrak coach and business class, and I have come up with a few tips that may help you.

Book early for the best deals, but don’t forget to check for sales or see if you qualify for a discount. Here are some tips on how to save money on Amtrak. That said, sometimes paying more for those last-minute trips is worth it.

Travel light: This, like most regional trains, does not have checked bags, so you need to carry what you bring onto the train and place it in a safe location. The more you bring with you, the greater your responsibility.

You can use your phone or tablet to hold your e-tickets or print your Amtrak tickets.

While you should pack light, there are a few things I would suggest you bring.

I like to bring snacks and a water bottle. Most stations do not have places to buy food, although some may have vending machines. It would help if you were prepared so you stay healthy and not be thirsty as you travel. I would rather have these things and not use them than need them and not have them. I like to bring money for the cafe car; more on that car later.

An Amtrak passenger
Amtrak passenger using a tablet aboard an Amtrak train,

Bring some entertainment: Many people love looking out the windows, and I do, but having a great playlist or podcast on my phone enhances my experience. Downloading movies, shows, or whatever can help add to your trip, along with a book or whatever you like. For more ideas, check out my article on entertainment on Amtrak.

If you plan to listen to something, it’s essential to bring your headphones. This not only ensures your comfort but also respects the privacy of other passengers. I also know how to turn off the sound on games and phones; vibrate is an excellent ringtone option on the train.

Along with your chargers and cables, bring an extension cord! Since there is one outlet for two seats, it is on the wall and may not be convenient for those with aisle seats. An extension cord three to six feet works well and allows you to have power where you want without bothering your seatmate and lets you plug in more than one thing without hogging the outlet.


Wi-Fi is free and available on this train.

Food and the cafe car

A sandwisch, coffee, water, and brownie from an Amtrak cafe car.
A meal from the Amtrak Cafe Car

The Cafe car offers a variety of hot and cold meals and snacks. Add hot and cold beverages, including adult ones, to wash things down.

The cafe is available for all customers for most of the journey but may close in Washington, DC, during the engine swap.

You can consume your purchases in the cafe car or return them to your seat.

You may bring food and drink aboard the train, but you cannot consume alcohol on the train you brought aboard.

Due to FDA regulations, you cannot bring food you brought on board into the cafe car.

Amtrak Carolinian add-ons

You can add a few things to this trip for a fee if needed.

Pets and service animals

Amtrak conductor helping passenger
Amtrak conductor assists a passenger in getting to the right car. Photo Courtesy of Amtrak
  • Amtrak allows dogs and cats up to 20 pounds
    • The combined weight of the pet and carrier
  • Trips of seven hours or less
  • Before booking your fluffy friend, read the Amtrak pet policy
  • Print and fill out the paperwork before leaving your home.
  • Make reservations for your pet before the day of travel.

If you have a service or comfort animal, read Amtrak’s service animal policy before booking to know if your animal qualifies and for booking instructions.


  • You can bring up to 50 lbs.
  • Standard bicycle sizes apply.
  • Maximum tire width: 2″.
  • Bike reservations must be made before your day of travel.

Check the link for details; bike service may not be available at all stations. Before booking, check Amtrak’s rules and policy for bikes.

Luggage: checked and carry on

Here is how you can get your things on the train.

Checked bags on the Carolinian

This train offers a checked bag service,

  • Allows up to two pieces of luggage for free,
  • 50 pounds or less
  • Under 75 linear inches (length x with x height).
  • Your first two bags are free, and up to two more for a fee per additional bag
    • A maximum of four bags can be checked per passenger.

Your first and last station must offer checked bag service to check a bag.

Carry-on luggage on the Carlonian

Each passenger may carry on:

  • One personal item, 25 lbs. (12 kg) and 14 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Two carry-on pieces of luggage, 50 lbs. (23 kg) and 28 x 22 x 14 inches each

If you transfer to the Pacific Surfliner at some point along your journey, the baggage size for that train is up to 28 x 22 x 11 inches each.

Charges apply for additional and oversized luggage; check out Amtrak’s carry-on bag policy for more information.

Amtrak Carolinian timetable or schedule

Before leaving for your tip, verify the times on your etickets in case of last-minute changes. In most cases, the times listed are departure times. Click on the stations to see the services offered at that stop. The information below comes from and can change at anytime.

Communities ServedMiles80
Read DownRead DownRead Up
7:17a7:25aNew York, NY
Moynihan Train Hall (NYP)
0 8:35p
7:39a7:44aNewark, NJ
Penn Station (NWK)
8:20a8:22aTrenton, NJ (TRE)587:35p
8:54a8:54aPhiladelphia, PA
William H Gray III 30th St. Sta. (PHL)
9:17a9:17aWilmington, DE (WIL)1166:39p
10:07a10:04aBaltimore, MD – Penn Station (BAL)1855:50p
10:46a | 11:08a10:44a | 11:08aWashington, DC
Union Station (WAS)
2264:31p | 5:15p
11:26a11:26aAlexandria, VA (ALX)2344:03p
11:56a11:56aQuantico, VA (QAN)2603:29p
12:19p12:19pFredericksburg, VA (FBG)2803:07p
1:36p1:36pRichmond, VA
Staples Mill Road Station (RVR)
2:13p2:13pPetersburg, VA (PTB)3631:11p
3:46p3:46pRocky Mount, NC (RMT)46111:40a
4:05p4:05pWilson, NC (WLN)47711:18a
4:38p4:38pSelma-Smithfield, NC (SSM)50310:48a
5:30p5:30pRaleigh, NC – Union Station (RGH)53210:13a
5:43p5:43pCary, NC (CYN)5409:47a
6:04p6:04pDurham, NC (DNC)5589:27a
6:41p6:41pBurlington, NC (BNC)5928:46a
7:16p7:16pGreensboro, NC (GRO)6138:24a
7:32p7:32pHigh Point, NC (HPT)6298:02a
8:06p8:06pSalisbury, NC (SAL)6637:28a
8:23p8:23pKannapolis, NC (KAN)6797:10a
8:56p8:56pCharlotte, NC (CLT)7056:45a
Last StopLast StopStationsMilesRead Up

The information for these guides comes from Amtrak, and Amtrak can change times anytime.

Printable Amtrak Carolinian schedule with connecting services

You can use the button below or print out one from You can learn how to print an Amtrak schedule, either the latest route or a custom one for your trip,

My goal is to keep these as updated as possible.

Safe Travels,


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