Amtrak Lincoln Service
Amtrak Lincoln Service

2023 Amtrak Lincoln Service Schedule & More

If you are looking for a train between Chicago and St Louis, MO, or its many intermediate stops, this could be the train for you. That is what this page of printable Amtrak Lincoln Service Schedule is here for you to use. This page also includes schedules of other trains running between Chicago, IL, and St Louis, MO, including the Texas Eagle and Missouri Runner/Lincoln Service.

The information for these guides comes from Amtrak, and Amtrak can change them anytime.

Temporary Amtrak Lincoln Service Schedule Changes, Service Alerts, And Notices

Amtrak uses this page to inform you of any temporary changes to your train or stations. It doesn’t hurt to check before booking and leaving for the station.

Amtrak Lincoln Service Accommodations

Lincoln Service Coach Seats
Lincoln Service Coach Seats

Seating Accommodations

Coach seating – features comfortable seats, a fold-down tray, individual reading lights, and 120v electric outlets. Some cars have USB chargers.

Business class– includes extra legroom, a wide comfortable seat, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Plus, you are closer to the cafe car with some complimentary drinks (ask the attendant) and have lounge access in Chicago Union and the St Louis stations.

Additionally, Business Class customers receive a 25% bonus on Amtrak Guest Rewards points.

Bikes, Pets, And Luggage

Carry-On/Trainside bicyclesyou can bring up to 50 lbs. Standard bicycle sizes apply. Maximum tire width: 2″, Check the link for details, and bike service may not be available at all stations.

Pet – Amtrak allows dogs and cats up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet and carrier) for trips up to seven hours.

Luggage: this train does not offer a checked bag service, but you can bring two pieces of luggage and two personal items. All bags must be under 50 pounds. For more information, check out Amtrak’s baggage policy.

Food Offerings On The Amtrak Lincoln Service

Cafe – offers a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages for sale, and it is available for all customers for most of the journey. This car may close at the start and end of the route.

Amtrak Lincoln Service Schedule, And Others

This page is a guide; check with Amtrak or your eticket for exact times. If there are two times, the first is the arrival, the second is the departure, and if there is only one, it is a quick stop.

Substitutes to the Lincoln Service include the Texas Eagle (21, 22, 421, and 422) and the Lincoln Service/Missouri Runner. These trains travel past St Louis but stop there.

Amtrak Lincoln Service Northbound

All trains are daily, but 422 runs thrice per week, but when 422 runs, it is part of train 22.

St. Louis, MO
Gateway Station (STL)
Alton, IL (ALN)5:12a | 5:14a7:23a | 7:25a8:41a |
3:41p | 3:43p6:22p | 6:24p27
Carlinville, IL (CRV)7:52a9:09a4:11p6:48p60
Springfield, IL (SPI)6:12a | 6:15a8:29a | 8:32a9:46a |
4:48p | 4:51p7:27p | 7:30p99
Lincoln, IL (LCN)6:42a | 6:42a8:56a | 8:56a10:20a5:18p7:54p128
Bloomington-Normal, IL (BNL)7:10a | 7:13a9:27a | 9:30a10:55a | 11:02a5:47p | 5:50p8:24p | 8:27p160
Pontiac, IL (PON)7:40a 9:59a6:16p8:58p192
Dwight, IL (DWT)10:17a6:33p210
Joliet, IL
Gateway Center (JOL)
8:38a 11:04a11:34a7:11p9:57p247
Summit, IL (SMT)9:03a11:29a7:36p10:22p272
Chicago, IL
Union Station (CHI)
*This train starts in Kansas City, MO, and runs as the Missury Runner/Lincon Service

Amtrak Lincoln Service Southbound

All trains are daily, but 421 runs three a week; when 421 runs, it is part of train 21.

Texas Eagle
Chicago, IL
Union Station (CHI)
Summit, IL (SMT)9:53a5:42p7:32p12
Joliet, IL
Gateway Center (JOL)
Dwight, IL (DWT)10:52a6:45p74
Pontiac, IL (PON)11:07a3:26p7:00p8:48p92
Bloomington-Normal, IL (BNL)9:23a |
11:40a | 11:43a3:56p | 4:01p7:29p | 7:32p9:20p |
Lincoln, IL (LCN)12:12p4:30p8:04p9:53p156
Springfield, IL (SPI)10:20a | 10:23a12:41p | 12:44p5:01p | 5:06p8:33p | 8:36p10:20p | 10:23p185
Carlinville, IL (CRV)1:25p5:38p9:18p224
Alton, IL (ALN)11:27a | 11:29a1:52p |
6:06p | 6:09p9:45p | 9:47p11:31p | 11:33p257
St. Louis, MO
Gateway Station (STL)
*This train continues to Kansas City, MO, and runs as the Missury Runner/Lincon Service

Printable Amtrak Lincoln Service Schedule

My goal is to keep these as updated as possible.

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