City of New Orleans Schedule
City of New Orleans Schedule

2023 Amtrak City of New Orleans Schedule/Timetable

This page gives you a quick look at the Amtrak City of New Orleans and printable timetables. Additionally, you can click on each station to see what amenities they offer.

This page displays best on mobile devices if you hold your phone horizontally. These are also guides, and Amtrak can change times at any time.

Last update: August 16, 2023.

Amtrak City of New Orleans Service Alerts and Notices

The gray button below leads you to Amtrak’s official schedule changes relating to hurricanes and other tropical storms.

Accommodations for the City of New Orleans

Coach Class Seating

Coach seating – features comfortable reclining seats with ample legroom and a fold-down tray, individual reading lights, and 120v electric outlets.

Superliner Bedroom
The hallway for Amtrak Superliner Bedrooms

Sleeper Car (Rooms)

All rooms include:

Family Bedroom – These rooms provide seating and berths for two adults and two smaller kids. They also offer access to a shower.

Bedroom – These rooms give you twice the space of a Roomette with seating by day, upper and lower berths by night, and an in-room restroom and shower.

Roomette – these accommodations offer passengers seating by day that turns into upper and lower berths at night. Additionally, you have access to a shower in your car.

Accessible Room – These rooms offer accommodations for passengers with a disability; accessible Bedrooms are located on the lower level of the train and provide ample space for a wheelchair, with a sofa for two by day and upper and lower berth for the night.


Bicycle – Space is available for standard, full-size bicycles (up to 50 lbs, 70 inches x 41 inches x 8.5 inches). Amtrak stores bikes in designated bike racks/areas inside Coach passenger cars or the baggage car (if available).


Pet – Amtrak allows dogs and cats up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet and carrier) for trips up to seven hours.


Checked Baggage – Two bags up to 50 lbs. and 75 linear inches are allowed per person for free. Charges
apply for additional and oversized luggage. Not all locations can handle checked baggage.

Click the station links below to see if they offer checked baggage service. Your departure and destination station must offer check bag service for you to check bags.


Wheelchair Ramp – is available to assist passengers in boarding and detraining with a wheeled mobility device.

Food On Amtrak’s City of New Orleans

The cafe is on the upper level in the middle of the train. The car is also where sleeper passengers get their food as well.

Cafe – is found on the upper level of the cafe/dinner car, featuring various meals, snacks, and beverages for sale, and it is available for all customers from early morning until late at night.

Flex Dining – is complimentary dining for sleeping passengers to eat in their private rooms or the cafe car. Flex dining meals are warmed preprepared meals for breakfast and dinner, plus complimentary beverages.

Amtrak Flex meal
Amtrak’s Chicken Marsala is part of their flex dining program, including an iced tea, roll, and salad.

2023 Amtrak City of New Orleans Schedule

Train 59
Communities ServedTrain 58
Read DownDaily TrainMilesLast Stop
8:05pChicago, IL
Union Station (CHI) B
8:51p | 8:54pHomewood, IL (HMW)247:41a | 7:44a
9:21p | 9:23pKankakee, IL (KKI) F577:11a | 7:13a
10:29p | 10:34pChampaign-Urbana, IL (CHM)1296:05a | 6:10a
11:11p | 11:13pMattoon, IL (Charleston) (MAT) F1735:21a | 5:23a
11:37pEffingham, IL (EFG) F2004:57a
12:23a | 12:25aCentralia, IL (CEN) F2534:08a | 4:10a
1:21a | 1:26aCarbondale, IL (CDL) F B3093:11a | 3:16a
3:12a | 3:14aFulton, KY (FTN) F4061:02a | 1:04a
3:54a | 3:56aNewbern-Dyersburg, TN (NBN) F44212:20a | 12:22a
6:27a | 6:40aMemphis, TN
Central Station (MEM)
52810:20p | 10:40p
7:59a | 8:01aMarks, MS (MKS) F5978:29p | 8:31p
8:55a | 9:00aGreenwood, MS (GWD)6547:32p | 7:37p
9:49a | 9:51aYazoo City, MS (YAZ) F7066:40p | 6:42p
11:12a | 11:20aJackson, MS (JAN)7515:28p | 5:44p
11:53a | 11:55aHazlehurst, MS (HAZ) F7844:15p | 4:17p
12:14p | 12:16pBrookhaven, MS (BRH) F8053:54p | 3:56p
12:38p | 12:40pMcComb, MS (MCB) F8283:30p | 3:32p
1:25p | 1:28pHammond, LA (HMD)8812:42p | 2:45p
3:47pNew Orleans, LA B
Union Passenger Terminal (NOL)
Final StopStationsMilesRead Up
‘This chart is a guide; always check with the electric version of your tick for the most up-to-date times or consult the Amtrak website.

Printable Amtrak City of New Orleans Schedule


R = Receive passengers only; this means you can board the train, but you cannot buy a ticket on this train to this station.

D = Depart only; you can buy a ticket to this station but not from this station.

F= Flag-stop

B = Stations with Amtrak Connecting Services.

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