Amtrak Superliner and Viewliner Bedroom
Amtrak Superliner and Viewliner Bedroom

The Amtrak Bedroom: a guide for new passengers

The Amtrak bedroom is the most spacious accommodation option on their long-distance trains, providing double the space of their roomette option. Bedrooms allow passengers to travel comfortably, with amenities such as a sofa, a seat, two sleeping berths or beds, a sink, and a bathroom with a shower. Moreover, passengers who book a bedroom will receive meals as part of their reservation.

Looking at a Superliner sofa and room
Superliner bedroom sofa (Photo courtesy of

I have discovered that upgrading from a roomette to a bedroom is sometimes expensive, but it is worth the cost on some trips.

As a solo traveler, I appreciate the additional space. My parents used to enjoy getting bedrooms on the Capitol Limited train because it provided them with more room, allowed them to snuggle up a little closer as they traveled, and was convenient in case they needed to use the restroom.

This article comprehensively guides your first or next Amtrak adventure in a bedroom. The page contains links to 360-degree interactive photos to understand better what the rooms look like. So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, take notes (or bookmark this page), and learn my tips and tricks based on my years of travel on Amtrak trains.

Types Of Amtrak Sleeper Cars

Amtrak operates two types of long-distance trains: Superliners and Viewliners, which have similar bedroom layouts. I combined the information into one article, while separate articles are available for roomettes.

Amtrak’s Superliner (bi-level)

Superliner sleeper cars are bi-level, offering more rooms than Viewliners.

The Superliners sleeper cars contain five bedrooms, fourteen roomettes, a family “bedroom,” and an accessible room.

The upper level of the sleeper cars contains all the bedrooms and is the same level as the dining car. You only need to navigate the stairs when you board or want to leave the train.

Different types of sleeping cars are available on the Auto Train, including sleeper cars like the transdorm and bedroom cars.

Superliner sleepers are lettered; most other rooms are numbered. Bedroom A is 10″ narrower and located next to the stairs. Bedrooms B and C form a bedroom suite, while D is a regular bedroom.

Auto TrainCalifornia Zephyr
Capitol LimitedCity of New Orleans
Coast StarlightEmpire Builder
Southwest CheifSunset Limited

Viewliner (single-level)

The Silver Star in the Tampa, Fl Station with passengers boarding and detraining.
The Silver Star is at the Tampa, FL Station.

Superliner sleeper cars are bi-level, offering more bedrooms than Viewliners.

The Superliners sleeper cars contain five bedrooms, fourteen roomettes, a family “bedroom,” and an accessible room.

Bedrooms are on the upper level of these cars, which is nice because you can go from car to car on that level. You only have to go downstairs to get off the train.

These cars have a few variants, such as transdorm or bedroom cars on the Auto Train.

On Superliner sleepers, bedroom A is 10″ narrower and closer to the door at the end of the ca. Bedroom is next to the stairs. Bedrooms B and C form the bedroom suite, similar to hotels.

Lakeshore LimitedSilver Star
Silver Meteor

Getting to know your Amtrak Bedroom

Amtrak bedrooms typically measure around 6.5 feet by 7.5 feet and offer various amenities.

Two people in an Amtrak bedroom
Inside of a Superliner Bedroom. (Photo courtesy of

The bedrooms have large exterior windows, and the Viewers have an additional upper set. Both of them have inside windows that look into the hallway, which gives the car a more spacious feel.

All windows are equipped with curtains to block light and provide privacy.

The bedrooms have several lights, including a room, reading, and nightlight. 

There is always at least one outlet in the room to charge your devices. It is recommended that you carry an extension cord for train travel. 

Additionally, a small closet is provided for storage and hanging things up, and it comes with a few hangers.

Bathroom and shower

Amtrak Bedroom Bathroom
A bedroom shower and toilet.

The bathroom in an Amtrak bedroom may be small, but it is an efficient space that accommodates both a shower and a toilet. Yes, you heard it right! They are both in the same small space.

In addition to this, you will find a sink, a trash can, a medicine cabinet, and some storage space inside the bedroom, along with fresh towels and washcloths outside of the restroom.

However, if the in-room facility is busy, hopefully by your travel companion, you can always use the public restrooms in the Superliners and the newer Viewliner sleeper cars.

If you run out of towels, don’t hesitate to chat with your car attendant, as they can help you get more.

Seating and Sleeping

Amtrak Bedroom
An Amtrak Superliner Bedroom.

The bedroom’s central area is furnished with a sofa and chair, with a fold-out table between them. At night, the sofa converts into a lower berth while the upper berth folds down for your companion.

The lower berth size is between a full and twin-size bed. Two people could sleep on the lower bunk, but you must cuddle. A ladder helps passengers access the upper berth.

I am about 6’2″ and just fit length-wise in the upper bunk. The upper bed is slightly shorter than a lower roomette bed, but the width gives you extra room. There is just enough room on the upper bunk to move around, but you cannot sit up while in the upper bunk.

Packing Note

Packing light is best for train travel. Luggage can crowd rooms, so if traveling solo, use the upper bunk for storage.

What Does The Amtrak Bedroom Look Like?

That is an excellent question; I hope a few photos will help answer it. These photos show Superliner bedrooms, but the Viewliner cars are pretty similar.


Two people in an Amtrak bedroom
Inside of a Superliner Bedroom. (Photo courtesy of


Amtrak Bedroom at night
A view of an Amtrak Superliner Bedroom made up for bedtime; attendants provide blankets.

The link below provides information about Superliner cars, but it may also be helpful for those interested in Viewliners, as they share similarities.

Move your mobile device or use the mouse to see the different angles.

What Comes With An Amtrak Bedroom?

There is more to these rooms than just more space on the train!

“Complimentary” meals


All scheduled meals are “free” or part of your ticket.

All two-night trains and the Silver Star, Silver Meteor, and Auto Train have traditional dining in the dining car.

The other Viewliner trains, the City of New Orleans and Texas Eagle between Chicago, IL, and San Antonio, TX, offer flex meals in the cafe car or lounge car on the Lake Shore Limited.

You can consume meals in the dining car or bring them to your room; the other option is having your car attendant bring them to your room. In that case, tipping is a nice gesture.

In the morning, Amtrak offers coffee and juice in your car at the coffee station. If you want coffee throughout the day, walk to the dining or cafe car.

At Station Services

Food at Chicago Union Station
Snacks for Chicago Union Station Lounge passengers.

Several stations have lounges you can use while waiting for your first train, having a layover, or waiting for other transportation.

Many larger staffed stations offer some red cap service, which are people who assist you with getting to the train using a motor cart.

Depending on the station and the available equipment, there could be a delay, especially if it is busy.

Finding your Amtrak Bedroom in a sleeping car

Superliner Sign
Superliner Room Sign

Sleeper Cars are on either end of the train’s consist, and on a few, both ends. The car’s bedroom side often faces the middle of the train, but sometimes, cars get turned.

Viewliner (Eastcoast Single level cars)

Viewliner bedrooms are near the boarding door vestibule. If you board the sleeper from that end of the car, walk past the accessible room, and you will find both bedrooms. You know you went too far if you see the roomette hallway.

If you board from the other end of the car, walk through the roomette corridor until you hit a bend in the road, and the bedrooms will be there.

Amtrak Viewliner Sleeper
A Look at the Amtrak Viewliner Sleeper Car Layout

Superliner Sleeper (Bi-Level)

Superliner bedrooms are on the car’s upper level; you enter the car on the lower level and have to walk up tight stairs.

Superliner Sleeper
The layout of a Superliner Sleeper Car

Deluxe Sleeper

Deluxe Sleepers are found exclusively on the Auto Train; you enter on the lower level and have to climb stairs.

Amtrak deluxe sleeper
Amtrak Deluxe Sleepers.

Getting Around The Train

For most trains, sleeper cars are next to the dining car, and the cafe or sightseer lounge is next in line.

The exception to this rule is the 27/28 section on the Empire Builder, which has sleeper(s) at the end of the train, and the Boston sections 448/449 of the Lake Shore Limited.

Remember how many cars you are away from the dining car so you don’t end up in the wrong car. It happens even to experienced travelers.

With Superliner Trains, remember two things. To go between cars, you need to be on the upper level, and if you want to get on or off the train, you need to be on the lower level. They also have one restroom on the upper level and a few downstairs near the shower. All bedrooms are on the upper level. If you want to explore the train or head to a food car, in most cases, exit your room, turn left, and remember you may need to walk through one or more cars.

Viewliners, everything is on one level. Sometimes, you board or get off the train in the adjacent car. If you want to go to a food car, in most cases, get out of your room and turn right, and here, too, you may need to walk through one or more cars to get to where you want to go.

Special Request For Booking An Amtrak Bedroom

Two bedrooms in each car can turn into a suite, similar to hotel rooms with interior doors between the two rooms. If needed, you can book three people in a bedroom, but two people need to share the lower bed, which will be cozy. To make special reservations, call Amtrak at 1-800-USA-Rail.

Booking An Amtrak Bedroom

Buying Amtrak Ticket
A passenger is buying a ticket from a staffed station. Photo courtesy of Amtrak

Different Ways To Book

Amtrak offers multiple ways to book reservations, depending on your preference. You can book at their staffed stations in person by calling 1-800-USA-Rail or electronically through the Amtrak website or app. For the Auto Train, there is a dedicated number available for booking.

It’s best to choose the booking method that suits you the most. I prefer to use the website or app, but I call when I need to make changes or special requests, like requesting rooms close to each other. But calling Amtrak might be best for you if you want someone to walk through the process and answer questions.

In most cases, you can modify your trip if the accommodations are available on the trains. However, a price difference could result in a refund or additional cost, depending on the situation.

Remember that you can cancel your trip without penalty within 24 hours of purchasing. If you plan to share a bedroom with others, ensure all passengers are included in the same reservation when booking. Amtrak will not assign you to a room with someone you don’t know.

Your Ticket

You can print your ticket or use the ticket in the app or phone wallet.

The Info On Your Ticket

Each train ticket contains information about the train’s name and number, followed by the sleeper cars and their respective room numbers. The room numbers for the bedroom cars are represented by letters and are on the door to your room. The car number, comprising four digits, can be found on the door you enter, with the first two indicating the route number.

Bedroom ticket
Amtrak etickets show you your train name and number, car number, and bedroom letter.

Booking Tip for Amtrak Bedroom Alternatives

I have a tip that might seem odd for this article, but I’m still sharing it.

Amtrak Superliner roomette seat
Amtrak Superliner roomette seat

If traveling with someone else, a bedroom could be an alternative if it costs more than you want: see if you can book two roomettes instead. While the roomettes are smaller and do not have a bathroom, booking two roomettes gives each person more personal space, possibly at a lower price.

When you book online, rooms are assigned randomly, but if you want a specific room or want to try to get rooms near each other, you can call Amtrak or visit a staffed station to inquire about the possibility. The earlier you call, the better the chance of this happening. Getting rooms near each other is not guaranteed for every trip, but it’s worth a try.

This tip does prevent someone from climbing on the upper bunk in a roomette, which is a little trickier than the steps in a bedroom.

If this is the direction you want to go and end up with rooms in different cars, or even if your rooms are closed, you can hang out in one room during the day.

If you book two roomettes because of the cost, keep an eye on bedroom costs, and if the price drops, you can switch accommodations. Be sure to check with Amtrak’s current booking rules for fees associated with modifying reservations before making changes.

Boarding The Train

Boarding the Silver Star in New York
Boarding the Silver Star in New York

When it’s time to board your train, there are a few things you can do to make the process smoother.

First, listen to announcements when you’re at a station with staff.

Second, ensure your tickets are ready and check which car you need to board.

As you approach the train, the conductors and onboard staff will help you get where you need to go. If you see the sleeper car roll by you, keep an eye out for it and walk in that direction.

For more details on boarding Amtrak trains, check the button below.

When In Your Amtrak Bedroom

When you are on the train, your car attendant can help you get acquainted with the room, inform you about meals, and prepare or put away your beds when it is time. If you need to get a hold of them, there is a call button.

Looking at a Superliner Bedroom sofa
A Superliner Sofa (Photo courtesy of

You are free to walk around the train, within reason.

If it has a Sightseer lounge, you can walk there and have a seat to watch the country go by. You can also visit the cafe car (in the lower level lounge car) and the dining car. The dining car does not offer seats outside of meal times.

You can walk to the coach cars; sometimes, you may need to walk through them to get where you need to go, but you cannot sit in those seats. If you wanted to check them out, that is one thing, but those seats may be revered for someone else later on.

You can tip, often $5 – $20 daily, if you receive good service. How much you tip depends on the quality of service and your budget. To learn more about tipping on Amtrak.

Packing ideas for your Amtrak Bedroom Adventure

There are a few things you can bring to make your trip better!

Entertainment and electronics

There are several ways to entertain yourself while on the train. There is always the window, chatting with others, even your travel buddy if you brought one, napping, reading, and more. Here are some more entertainment ideas for Amtrak adventures.

Don’t forget your charger cables and an extension cord, which are essential!


I pack enough snacks for each leg of my journey in a small reusable bag that easily fits into my luggage. This method helps me save space and gives me a good reason to go out and explore the city where my flight stops for a layover.

A refillable water bottle is a convenient and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated while saving money.

You are allowed to consume alcohol in your room only. If you want to drink in other parts of the train, you must purchase drinks in the cafe or dining car. If you want a post-meal beverage, you can purchase it in the dining car and bring it back to your room.


Eyeshades are a helpful tool for people who are sensitive to light at night. Curtains are also an option to block sunlight and street lights. Platform lights might be the same height as your window, which can allow a small amount of light to enter the room.

Earplugs are helpful for people who need quiet during the night. Engineers must blow the horn all night to ensure safety and adhere to the FRA rules, so you might hear it more often than you think. However, the sound of the horn lulls me to sleep.

Sleep aids can be helpful for people who have trouble falling asleep due to excitement or a change in their environment.

Etiquette In An Amtrak Bedroom

Basic manners are essential to follow when traveling on an Amtrak train. However, a few additional things should be considered to ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey.

Firstly, please be mindful of your volume and use inside voices as the walls are thin, and your neighbors can hear you. Also, keep the volume of your electronic devices low, including phone alerts, especially at night.

It’s essential to treat your car attendant with respect.

There is only one attendant per sleeper car, and they try their best to help everyone. They may become busy during meals and bedtime, so please be patient if you need assistance.

Tipping on Amtrak trains is customary but not required. However, if you receive excellent service, it’s always appreciated.

Lastly, listen for announcements and be prepared for your stop so you can transition smoothly from the train to your destination.

Amtrak Bedroom Wrap-Up

Wow, that’s a lot of information, and some of it might make more sense once you start your first trip. Conducting research, as you did with this article, can assist in keeping your expectations realistic.

I recommend booking your tickets early, being ready at boarding time, sitting back, relaxing, listening to the announcements, allowing the staff to assist you, being kind and courteous, and appreciating the beautiful scenery and the adventure.

Amtrak bedrooms are an excellent way to explore the USA as they provide comfort and essential travel amenities. I hope you have a fantastic time! If I helped you, let me know!

Please let me know if I missed something or if you still have questions!

Check out these articles for more information.

Safe Travels.



Kevin Monteith

Kev Monteith has been traveling on Amtrak since 2012. With over a decade of experience, he has been on over 800 trains, covering over 200k miles of rail. Kev enjoys helping others achieve their travel dreams by providing support and information. Outside of travel, Kev enjoys making music as an organist and outings with family.

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  1. Karin

    Sleeping question: The bunks in a roomette are parallel to the tracks and those in a room are perpendicular to the tracks. A friend said that he found the motion in bunks that were perpendicular to be harder to sleep in because he rolled fore and aft when the train speeded up & slowed down. Have you noticed this? I usually sleep very well on trains, but have only slept in roomettes.
    Thanks, Karin

    1. Kev

      Hi Karin,
      I heard some people have that problem, but that is not something that issues. My issue is when the train stops at a station because I wake up due to lack of motion. I guess we all have some sleep/motion issues. A sleep aid tends to help smooth things out for me as well. I wonder if it depends on how you sleep, I sleep on my tummy, which could be why I have fewer issues than back sleepers.

      Safe Travels!

  2. B. Phelan

    We are booked on the Zephyr for this fall and have 2 connecting bedrooms, room D and room E. Will the E room be hearing a lot of noise from people going up and down the stairs? Thanks!

    1. Kev

      None of the walls on a train are thick, so some noise bleeds through from the hallway and stairs. So may hear some noise, but the only people going up and down should be the people in your car and the Amtrak staff. And since there is a bathroom upstairs, that reduces some of that traffic at night. During the day it may be more noisy. Unless your neighbor is a heavy snorer, you might want to put the light sleeper in the inside room.
      I hope this helps, feel free to reach out if you have other questions!
      Safe Travels!

  3. Kev


    The Southwest Chief uses Superliner 1 & 2 cars. Each car has one family room and one accessible room. Here is a diagram that shows the layout of the Superliner sleeper car; it is also in the article if the link doesn’t work.

    There are at least two accessible rooms on the SWC, each in separate cars.

    As you mentioned, the family and accessible rooms are on opposite sides of the lower level of the car, but they are pretty close, and the restrooms and showers are in between. I don’t know the distance between the two rooms, but you can sit in one room and wave to the people in the other.

    Booking the accessible and family room could be a good option; everyone can go between the two during the day.

    Another option could be the accessible room and two roomettes; you could see if you can get them all on the lower level. With that, you can try to get them in the same car even if you can’t get them on the same level. That would make it easier for people to go between the rooms during the day.

    Anytime you want rooms near each other or in the same car, call Amtrak.

    I hope this helps!

    If you have other questions, feel free to contact me.

  4. Kristi

    Thanks, Kev. I appreciate the response. Do you know how far apart the two accessible rooms would be from one another? Besides the reduced cost, I really do think I had the right idea to just go with the one Accessible and the Family. That way, we are all on the same lower level car. As mentioned. I use a mobility device and will be with my husband and child. Also my adult non-disabled brother, companion to my elderly mother who is somewhat mobility challenged herself (but who does not necessarily require an Accessible room, just lower level]. I think the AR and FBdrm should accommodate the 5 of us fairly well. Hopefully! 🙂

    1. Kev

      The accessible rooms are in separate cars, so a whole car length apart, and to go from one to another, you need to go upstairs, go to the next car, and back down.

      You may need to have your meals brought to you; one person from your party may need to get them and bring them back, or the car attendant. I would chat with them about the best way to do that.

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